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Back-Off Days, Signed in Blood


I love economics. This topic is only thing I've ever found in my life that I can study all day. It's incredibly refreshing and it feels great. The only problem is, my study habits have been on the decline lately, and I've found myself fairly disengaged with school. I spend a lot of time dicking around, and T-Nation is one of my main vices.

I think if I could just break myself out of this site's orbit, good things could happen and my academic zeal would be renewed. So I come before you, gentleman, to formally announce my "back-off" days. At least until Friday (laugh if you want, but I'm hooked on this place) so I can study properly for an upcoming test, I'm outta here. I post this on the forum so I at least have "witnesses" (even if they are my imaginary friends on teh internetz, LOL.) If someone catches me posting until then, feel free to report me to the mods or send me a virus, IDK.

Hell, I'll send you a few of my hairs and you can make a voodoo doll. That's cool. Anyway, wish me luck. See you...later.

                       Michael Gerard Stewart