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Back of thighs

I’m 31 and I work out with weights and diet pretty good, but I have a problems with dots on the back of my upper thighs and butt.I have increased my leg weight and reps when doing lying legs curls and squats. What else can I do?

That my friend is diet related of which you stated nothing about. Same goes for people who can’t see or get the six pack. They crunch until the next millenium but if they don’t diet correctly they will never see them.

Try the fifty yard dash article. deals with what you are on about.

Try using Charles Poliquins “German Body Comp” program. Do a search on this site. I have used variations of it with many of my female clients with very good success

Lying leg curls and squats? If you aren’t already, I suggest you incorporate more variety into your program, along with a more balanced program. Otherwise your posture, let alone shape, will be negatively affected. Use Ian’s Limping series to start with…it is for women too you know! Sounds like you need some deadlifts and other hip dominant compound movements in your routines?

All these boys are right honey…You really have to work out your legs hard to see good results. Try giant setting exercises to keep you heart rate up so you can reap a slight aerobic benefit as well. Really good exercises must be preformed with really good form. Try step ups on a bench with weigts (15-20rep rangefor each exercise), lunges with your leg back on a bench, squats use the smith machine if you want really good form and squeeze the whole time. Leg press is great if you place the seat all the way back and your feet at the top. Concentrate on squeezing your bum through the whole range of motion…the list goes on and on…deadlifts are awesome, slow hamstring curls…cable machine with attachment on the ankle. Do 3 or 4 giant sets using three of the excerising making sure to work opposing muscle groups each time and find out the mix that works for you. The stairmaster preformed without holding on works well in conjuntion and so does sprinting…