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Back of Knee Pain


I've had pain in back of both knees since early June. The pain started slowly. Since then,I've had numerous ART sessions and early on, it was thought to be inflammation of the popliteus muscle but today, the ART provider now thinks the main culprit might be the plantaris, a little used muscle in the back of the knee. When he pressed on it, it wsa very painful!

My main issue is when I stand or sit, and my right one really acts up. I stopped doing leg curls but 2 days ago, did the Glute ham and there was no pain.

Any thoughts on this. The Plantaris, really? I have a reconstructed ACL in the right knee and have had occasional Bakers Cyst over the years, but the left knee, in the back, has the same pain, but to a lesser degree.

Running can aggravate it, but the pain doesn't prohibit me. Again, it is now chronic and want to gain thoughts on those who know about the Popliteus, Plantaris. Any exercises to avoid, or to start doing? Should I avoid the Glute ham or sprinting regardless?


Any how it's not active thread, but For this thread my suggestion is try to stop exercises what ever you have been doing with legs and give relaxation for few weeks until you get relief with you knee pain even tho you couldn't get the relief use any knee pain supplement.


How old are you?
Could be osteoarthritis??Swelling from damage to knees often accumulates at the back of the knee causing discomfort. This includes degeneration of both the tibiofemoral and the patellofemoral joints.


I'm in my early 40's. I just saw an Orthopedist today and basically said that it's due to osteoarthritis. He said take ADVIL and ice to calm it down. If this doesn't work, he would then inject with a type of "grease" (can't remember the specific name) to lubricate the joint. This lasts roughly 11 months.