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Back, Neck Clicking from Breathing

i am 16, a couple of weeks ago i had a very sore upper back , it felt like an aching kind of soreness and i had a little pain a long my right spinal erector , now i have no pain but what i’ve noticed is when i breath my neck clicks, i know for sure the sound is coming from my back area and is traveling thru my neck, also when i stretch out my back like say touch my toes or something the muscles in my shoulder blades our around the trap muscle make small series of cracking like noises, i iced the area a couple of hours ago and the feeling went down abit but it’s still there , i have also been suffering from anxiety, i just want to know for sure what this is

bump. its been awhile since i made this, the clicking has gonn away a bit but it’s still there

I’m having similar issues. I would like to talk to you about this. I’m hearing all sort of crunching and clicky sounds when I turn my neck left/right. When I take a deep breath, I can feel a click around c7 joint.

There’s swelling on the back of my neck, most likely muscle swelling. Worked out hard all my life, stopped for 1.5 years and numerous issues hit me. Probably all stress/tension related. Nerves and muscles affected. Many muscles in body knotted up. I’ll wait for your reply.