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Back Muscles for Support


What muscles in the back or anywhere else can help support the weight that comes with carrying really big breast, especially on a small frame?

What exercises can be done to help?


Does the woman want the big breasts or no? If not, she should do whatever she can with diet and cardio to burn the fat.
Hypers will be a useful back exercise to do. Also strengthening the lats and shoulders to help with rounding of the back.

I wish I did back exercises when I was a DD. Over a year later, I still suffer from lower back problems and I'm a 34C now.


I would say back extensions. Any lower back work, rotator cuff work maybe to help strengthen upper body and work on posture. Because poor posture usually goes hand in hand with the breasts being so large as to hurt the back.
Mostly I would say diet/cardio to shrink the yabos.


Charlie, is that you?

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you have internet access, and therefore, the ability to check out an anatomy chart.

it probably took longer to post and upload this than it would have been to look at one.


The main thing ladies with big boobies tend to do is hunch over, so basically you need to do a lot of rowing movements, scapular retractions, and thorassic extensions over a foam roller.
There's a series of articles on this site called Neanderthal No More. These apply pretty well to the type of problem you are talking about.


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I work my lats and it doesn't cause me to hunch over. And my breasts are still a bit heavy for my frame.

Working the upper part of the back and not the lats sounds like a recipe for disaster IMO.


I've seen your last back pic, and your upper back is more developed than you think. probably why you're not hunched over.

when correcting a problem, effort is directed to some bodyparts more than others. bushy said to not work the lats much, not, "dont work the lats at all."

he's kinda smart.


Ah, I see why he stressed the DON'T part; I realized that I made a mistake in my first post. I meant work the upper back and shoulders, not lats. Although lats will be worked in pull-ups and such, I won't emphasize their work if posture is the main goal.


Yup, BBB knows his shit, tbh.


CBear84, I did do some interntet searches, but I trust us t-nationers more than the average google search. I was looking for advice from someone that knows more than me and someone with personal big breast experience.

I recieved both!


I saw that one!


I don't know about hypers, because she already has a tight lower back. We are also working on her pelvic tilt. Definitely, we need to hit her on the shoulders and upper back to get that posture better. And maybe, because she's a beginner, building some muscle will also make her lose some fat in the breast. She has such a small frame that she has trouble finding bras.

What do you think?

Thank you.


Hypers shouldn't be that bad, I do them without a problem. A few controlled reps on a GHR machine should be beneficial. Of course, DLs are good for the lower back as well, but those might hurt. Maybe she should try a couple sets a week to see if she can handle it. When I forced myself to do DLs with back pain, I had to take months off from doing them.

TBH, I didn't do a lot of LSD cardio. Reasonable calorie deficit, weight training and circuit/interval training will get the breasts down.

I have no idea what to say about bras. Custom-made, sports bra, and minimizers come to mind. Finding bras with a small band and large cup sizes might just require a little research to find who can make them or sells them. They're hard to find but not impossible.


She's naturally huge breasted with a small frame? Highly unusual.


if she's working on a pelvic tilt hypers, glute ham raises, good mornings, hip thrusters, shit ANY work on her lower posterior chain will help. tone down the quad work, foam roll/rolling pin the crap outta her quads/hips, and get her working her abs.

there's no point in loosening up her hips if her abs and back arent strong enough to hold em in place.

and snap, yes, unusual. which brings me to say,



It's not extremely common, but it is possible.
When my mother was younger, her frame was tiny like Kimba's, but had double Ds, if even that small. They got bigger after I was born and eventually had a breast reduction surgery.

Even scrolling through the internet you can find women having difficulty find bras with small bands and big cups.

So it's definetely not impossible.


Good point!