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Back Muscle Tear...

Okay, if you read my last post about my back, well took a few days off, back felt fine no more pain and what not.

Went to the gym this morning and on our third set of sumo deads, I felt a muscle roll up in my back. (Well I didn’t but the feeling I told the doc he said was the same) Needless to say I went to the ER because this time the pain was intense and the spasms were insane. Couldn’t move. I get in about 12 - 14 hours later so the pain is starting to subside by now, and the doctor tells me the muscle is behind my shoulder blade so he can’t tell if it is torn, but that the treatment is the same either way and that it should heal in two or so weeks. My question is, do you believe this, and second what am I to do for two weeks. I will go insane.

I am in my second year of lawschool and have been lifting religiously to get my mind off of everything and I don’t know what I will do in the mean time.

I had something similar happen to me. I did helping a friend move, but needless to say I tore muscles in my upper back. It was immense pain for about a month and then I had decent range of motion but the army doc had missed diagnosed me with a buldging disc and did not know about the tear. Over time I discovered it was the problem and the best thing I can offer you to rehab quicker is to see a good massage therapist so you dont get nasty scars or knots deep in the muscle tissue. If you cant afford it, get a baseball, tennis ball, foam roller, pvc pipe to roll on for myofascial release. Hope this helps, but I fear you might be on the shelf for at least a month, then its rehab time.

What he said, solid advice on all fronts.

Keep that tissue healthy and you’re probably just gonna have to sit out for a while.

In your off time keep your diet up, hell maybe spend that time improving it.

I agree with the above posts, but assuming this is your first lifting injury, you have to realize that if you continue to lift injuries are bound to happen. It is hard to take time off, but we’re not talking life or death here. I’m sure you have other less physically-demanding hobbies that can fill the void, but stay positive and you’ll be back before you know it. Best of luck.