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Back Muscle Pain

Hi, i have been experiencing a lower back pain (muscle type of pain) for a couple of months now ever since i pulled it while i was doing snatches. I have been using the 2 tennis balls and rolling it on my back but it is not helping that much. I can’t sit down for a long period of time because it will start hurting and most the time at home i have to knee down on a pad.

Please help


You need to describe this a bit better.

Is the pain on one side, both, or in the middle of the lower back?

Does the pain travel down the back of your legs (one legs, both legs)?

How old are you?

Are you male or female?

When I was around 19, I hurt my lower back. I was doing bent over dumbell rows (very heavy with your standard 19 year old piss poor form). I strained/pulled my sciatic nerve and literally had to be carried out of the gym. When I got back to my buddy’s place (no way I could drive home), I took my shirt off and was black and blue from my mid back to 1/2 way down my right leg - I thought I did some major damage to my back.

I saw a decent chiropractor in the morning that fixed me up good.

I am a 17 yo male and the pain is in the middle of the lower back, and it doesn’t travel down to the back of my legs, its a muscle pain though because i have pulled the nerve before and i know how that felt

i have been to a chiropractor and he told me to stretch and ive done that and foam rolled and i’ve done tennis ball work but it continues to be a problem. when i cough it hurts and when i sit down it hurts too