Back Lat Spread Question

When doing a back lat spread, is it better to keep the back with a good posture or as i do, to round it with my head up?

In the picture above i have my back rounded with my head looking up

before anyone comments: yes, i do plant my thumbs/hands in my waist, just for some reason at this angle it looks like i spread out my arms.


If you want answers, take a level picture, not that weird angle.

thank you cheif, your post was very useful.

The angle of the pic is a little funky, however it appears that you are rolling your shoulders to far forward. A back lat spread, from the rear, should be similar position wise as a front lat spread.

hmm, yes i do try to roll my shoulders in alot. I was thinking this would make the back look even wider, but now i see what you mean. It actually makes it narrower at one point.

How should a perfect lat spread be done exactly?

I always try to lean back a little. When I first consciously tried doing this, from the front it made the area under my arms fill in and looked pretty damn cool (I noticed yates did this in his poses).