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Back Issues on CD-ROM

I consider the online library of back issues of T-mag to be a tremendous and valuable resource. Even though they are freely available on the web, I would still be willing to pay to have my own archive on CD-ROM. This would be a relatively easy moneymaker for T-mag, to port the files to CD-ROM and burn copies for sale.

There might even be a courtesy discount for VIP subscribers as a tip o’ the hat for supporting this terrific organization.

Who else would buy one? - Nylo

I would probably buy this.

I think this would be a cool idea, also.
The only problem with this is that the back issues gets updated weekly.

I would buy one of these things also. Although what would be totally cool is if several years from now, they scan every issue of the paper mag onto a CD ROM. I still want to read the first issue of T-mag, but I was a little late in discovering this webzine, long after the first issue was sold out. I’m sure there are many people out there who feel the same way, or will feel the same way when the time comes.

Well, I’ve been thinking about more advanced version of your idea lately.
Your own personal program that helps you mantain your training log/food intake that could donwnload training templates from the web (like Ian King’s 12 week programs etc) and allow you to personalize the program, and could download diet template from the web too.

This program would allow you then to compare your success to others that are using the same program, and see what is making the difference.

I’d buy a copy, but to take care of the problem of it being updated every week, do yearly CD’s, one CD with the whole years articles on it if possible, I’m almost sure it’s possible on DVD, and probably CD if all the formatting wasn’t carried over, but one question would be what would the price on this be? And would the special articles just written for the paper mag be put on there, that would make it incredible useful, all there is to know Testosterone in one place, preferably with some kinda index


Count me in.

If they had it on DVD, they could probably squeeze the entire “Get Buffed” video series by Ian King onto it, and his leg training routine. Now that would be something. Or what would be really funny is if T-mag bought the rights for Uncle Bill’s “Body of Work” video, and as you are watching it, you can hear TC’s, Tim’s, Chris’, Brock’s, and Ron’s commentary voiced over. But that’s just wishful thinking.

I might buy it, but only IF it had a more advanced search feature. The current search is decent, but I see two “issues” with it: I get plenty of “hits” where it turns out the word I searched for isn’t even there at all, and I can’t refine the search to connect or exclude certain words. Say I want to find Poliquin’s formula for calculating post-workout carb quantities. What do I search for? post-workout has a few hundred hits. Poliquin? Still not specific enough. Don’t even TRY to find it by searcing for “carbs”. But put all these into a CD-rom archive with a better search capacity, and I’m in!