Back Issue w/ Bench Press


I’m a returning lifter from a long term lower back injury. Whilst I was injured I starting reading a lot of Mike Robertson’s and Erric Cressey’s work.

I’m following Mike’s vixen lifting programme at the moement for strength and corrective reasons, but when I do incline dumbell press’s it severly irritates my lower back.

I’m concentrating on pinning my shoulder blades back and down as advised, but I find that my back arches of the bench and I feel that this could be the error in my technique.

I would be greatful for some input and possible suggestions to improve/alter my technique.


A back arch is fine but it will depend on how severe it is. I have a herniated disc and I had to stay completely away from spinal loading for a few months…I slowly incorporated the bench in first by flat back then slight arch and eventually into a mid arch then into my comp style.

I would suggest you do what doesn’t hurt, if you do decide to press probably stay away from db until your back heals, if that hurts try a plate underneath you feet that may help. but an arch is normal you need arch to lift heavy…on the flip side stay do what doesn’t hurt and what does hurt stay away from it.