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Back Into the Game...


Is there any news about TSC being a good place for information still?


Yep, it's still useful.


Glad someone got what I meant! ; ) Thanks WTMN!


There's a couple of faces I havent seen in a while ; )


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Things have been pretty rough. Life certainly humbled me tons, in the last 6 months. Just know my abrupt absence was absolutely necessary. Vengeful, low life Fiance who knew way too much should just about explain it. Add the death in my family and, well, just a rough time...

BUT, seeing as I am now back on my feet, and completely, utterly squeaky clean of any possible wrong doing (and remaining so for a distant while), I figured I have no worries on about being on a public forum now. I tried PMing you A, but didn't seem to go through, if you can message me I could go into a bit more detail.


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Ha, I would prefer the carrier pigeons personally! Unfortunately no, my old computer and everything on it was completely trashed and cleaned, I didn't think to write down any of the contact type info. I'll pm someone I know is in touch with you and ask him to forward it on.


Hey big man,

Great to see you back finally!!!
We've missed you lots J!!

Hope training has been going well for you, at least in the short term if you had to ditch it for a while. Hope to hear more from you soon buddy.

Take care,


YGPM. Sorry to hear about all that shite.