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Back...Into the Deep End


Last 3 days off work; 2 training sessions.


Mod-Sumo/speed pulls/ heavy band:
5x1@ 275
3x3@ 225, wide stance.

Bi’s/Tri’s super sets:

Push Jerks:
3x1@ 155
3x1@ 135

Pullups, assist w/band:3x10

DB clean + laterals superset:


Sat., 12/15

Flat pin press @ 2"off chest:
2x1@ 225
3x1@ 245

At 4" above:
1@ 225, 245
3x1@ 265

Rack pull/below knee:
2x1@ 315
1@ 365, 405, 455
12 @ 405

Bent rows: 3x10@ 135

ABDuct and ADDuct machine:
3x10 each
5x5 each,very hard
Drop set of 30 reps for each.


Sunday; leg pumping and stuff.

Burned through the following, with very little rest.
Crunch: 3x10
Hang leg raise: 3x5
Pullups w/band: 3x10
Rev. hyper on bench: 3x20
Calf: 3x10

Leg Press: also, very short rest.
2x10@ 300 and 400
5x10@ 500
60 reps drop set from 500- 200.

Leg extensions:

Really pumping my Tang/salt mix into my Quads.


Tuesday,12/18: Speed/Upper…sort of.

Rear Delt: 2x20
Pullup/Dip machine: 2x10 each.
Band work.

Smith Inc:
4x3 cluster sets @ 135
Not ideal, but felt good, and fired things up.

Flat DB hammer:
2x6@ 60
3’s@ 70, 80, 90.
18reps @ 60’s

Laterals + curls:
3x20+20@ 15’s.

Seat Tri machine: 2x20

Hammer Iso row:
6@ 225, 275
3x4@ 315
3x10@ 225


Thurs/12/20: Max Lower. Pretty sure I crashed a bit, after some recent volume; SQ lbs.was pretty low.

Box SQ/ regular stance:
2x1@ 225
1@ 275, 315, 345, 375
3x1@ 335

Good M’s: 3x5@ 255
These feel great; glad I finally tried them.

Lying hams: 3x15
Wide pulldowns: 3x20
Seat Calf: 2x5@ 135, 180, 135
Foam rolled about15 mins.


Sat, 12/22: Max Upper

Turned 51 today; hopefully, it lasts.

Pec deck/ rear delt machine: 2x20 each

Floor press:
Up to 1@ 225, 245 , 265
4x1@ 235

Close: 3x6@ 185
DB Inc.: 3x15
Decline Tri ext: 3x15
Wide cable row: 3x20

Band work mixed in.


Happy Birthday Z man!


Wait a minute!!! There was a birthday mixed in there? Happy Birthday!


And now a Merry Christmas to you.


Thanks. All the best for the New Year, to all the O35 crowd.


Weds., 12/26.

Easy pumping, 60 mins: 3-4 sets of 8 or so lifts…


Thursday, 12/27

4 days off lifting (last night doesn’t count). Worked, ate a bunch…rested up. Putting some size/shape back onto my legs.
Body weight is at 198; eating and lifting up to 205 or so (because, why not?)


Thursday training: Max Lower, plus some volume.

Box SQ/ competition stance: 8-10 sets up to;
3x1@ 275
2x1@ 315
1@ 345. Didn’t get these locked in, moved on to;

High Box/ wide stance:
2x1@ 225, 275.
2x1@ 315, 365
4x4@ 315

Rev hyper: set of 50
V-bar pulldowns: 20, 10, 10
DB pullovers: 20, 15, 15,
Abs: 3x15


Friday, 12/28: Max Upper and stuff.

Misc. Abs and rows.

Incline Press: some sets, up to;
1@ 155, 175, 195…
1@ 215. Dang, a 20lbs PR. 6 weeks ago (about), I hit 185-190 lifting alone. Did the 215 with a ‘finger tip’ spot at the bottom so…whatever that is.
I’ll take it.

Low incline DB’s:
6@ 50, 60
3x6@ 70’s

Bent rows:
2x5a@ 95, 135
3x5@ 155
30 reps with 135, plus straps.

lower body pump stuff, at the end.


Sunday, 12/30: Lower speed work.

Warmed this and that.

Sumo w/heavy band: worked up to 10x1

Parallel +2" Box SQ: up to about 8x2

Misc. shoulder w/DB: 100 reps
Hack SQ, empty: 1 set of 100
Leg extension: 10x10

Faded out…crappy sleep (for…months?), maybe didn’t eat enough??


Good News: I got a new truck for my B-Day…

Bad News?? It’s a 1/12th scale RC truck…Oooohhhhh. My housemate got it for me.

As for last year; so long. I’m happy to have committed to 90min. bus rides, to cook dinner and be together (if only for a few hours). That, and many other so-called sacrifices. I’m proud (hard as that is for me) to have worked out (with medication) issues, that have been escalating since I quit drinking 5 years ago.
If it has to last the rest of my life…so be it. I’m not living without training hard, or having love and passion in my life…for the rest of my life so, a couple pills everyday?? Fine by me.

I have also found an ‘animal angel’, in the form of a Maine Coon mix, grey panther cat. A beautiful beast (once called “luxurious”).

As for the rest: Onward and Upward.


Maine Coons are the bestest cat. Keep at it, man. Best wishes for the new year.


Pics please!


Tues., 1/1/2019

Shoulder pumps: 3x30 misc. DB moves.

Hack SQ: 60-70 reps w/empty sled.
Leg extensions: 8x10
Lying hams: 5x10
Abs: 5x10
Lots of band work.

Weds, Thurs, Fri: asleep most of the time, from being sick.


The Big Grey Panther Cat. 18lbs., and still growing (a little). He’s 3, and probably close to his full size/weight. He’s a Leo (no, really) and enjoys hunting ANYTHING, anytime, anywhere.
He does not run from ANYTHING, especially dogs. He’ll walk to the mailbox with me, run out to the yard when I’m home. I put a ‘cat perch’ at our front porch area, which renders him invisible to all who dare approach.
He’s a good boy.