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Back...Into the Deep End


Thursday, 7/19.

Lying Hams: 10x8, building up.
Adductor: 8x10, building up.

Leg Press: 5 sets, up to 4x15@ 480.
Abduction: 5x15

Sumo pulls: 10x3@ 185; pause at knee, quick lockouts.


Dang. 3 days of no training??..no wonder I’m sore.

Coming up it’s Mon/Tues- Thurs/Fri…then back to Squats Plus on Sunday. Training Mon/Tues, then out of town for 8 days with minimal lifting (with my dad) while I’m visiting.


Monday, 7//23.

Seated Hams:
10x6, working up to hard; 30 sec. rest.

8 sets working up to;
6x6@ 285, to parallel box.

6x3@ 225

5 sets up to;
5x5@ 135, 60 sec. rest.


Tues., 7/24.

Worked up with Con./Sumo; 6x3 of each.
3x1@ 365
5x5@ 315.

Bent row:
2x10@ 135
3x3@ 185
3x10@ 135

Hammer row machine; the unilateral thing, with the plates loaded on each side…That one.
5’s @ 90, 115, 135.
3x3@ 160
2x5@ 135.
Weights= loaded on handles.

Standing shrug machine:
5x5@ 315; power shrug style.
50@ 135
Feeling the burn.



Adductor/ Abductor machines:
5x15 of each.
Abs: 3x10
Calf: 5x10

Leg press:
3x15 working up to,
3x10@ 570
Drop set finish= 40 reps.

Front SQ/ parallel box:
4x6@ 225
3x3@ 275
4x6@ 225
Back SQ: 3x10@ 135


Friday, 7/27

DB Inc.
5x10@ 50’s
4x4@ 70’s

Floor press:
5 sets up to,
6x1@ 225
3x6@ 185

Trap bar:
2x4@ 225, 275
8x4@ 315
All sets @ 1 min. rest.


God sake; legs, hips, glutes…all hurting today.
I’m squatting after work, because it’s Sunday after all.


Hindsight being what it is, maybe I got lucky.

I ended a relationship, a few years back, over un-resolved (barely acknowledge) issues; my then girlfriends drinking. I would have rather NOT gone through the 1 1/2 miserable years I did; hoping, praying…pushing and pulling for her to care enough to do Something for herself (and us).
She never did. By the end, I was more heartbroken over not being with the dog anymore.
It was that bad.

Most recently,it could’ve been far worse. Talk is cheap; texts, email, posts too. With the ‘crazy’ going on over here, there likely would not have been much consideration or caring coming my way…just a cloud of dust, from her running away from something ‘real’, and difficult.

Not everyone is healthy ect,.emotionally and otherwise to give a dam, or to try to help themselves, never mind being truly ‘involved’ and committed to building and working on a relationship with someone.
I guess I should’ve known. She all but said so right from the start.
She wouldn’t even lift with me, on my birthday after all.

God willing, things are turning around over there; I truly hope so.

Onward and Upward, but don’t forget to learn something.


Monday, 7/30

I’ve been watching the old “Blood and Guts” vids, from Dorian Yates; Awesome.

So tonight, I did some forced reps, extended sets ect…in his honor. I also yelled “let’s get nasty” a few times.

Seat Hams:
Warmed up x3 sets, did a 10x10 after that, 60 secs rest. ‘self-spotting’ on the contraction, fighting the negatives.

Hack SQ:
2x15@ 135
4x10@ 225
Slow negative, pause, then fire up…no lockouts.

Did a couple shoulder pump sets, waiting for something to open up ( gym rush hour).

Quad extension:
10x10 with 30 secs. rest.
Self-spotting to extension, fighting the negative.
Drop set finish = 50 reps and failure/pain.

5x5@ 135
Slow negative, 3 sec. pause, fire up, no lockout.

“Business as usual Mr. Yates”. You have to watch those training vids; his partner is awesome!


Hey man, all the best in your personal life and training.


Thank you C56, I appreciate it.


Tuesday, 7/31

Trained with my gal pal tonight; she’s doing great. We did all sets back and forth (little rest) and burned up the following.

Pulldowns, hammer grip:
5x10 working up; 5x5@ dam hard.

Hammer Lat machine/ chin grip:
8x10 hard; Drop set finish @ 25-30 reps.

Inc. DB’s:
Weights moving up throughout.

Front plate raise:
Still alternating; did 10x5.

Extended set with ‘helper’ reps to finish; we both did 20-25 or so, pretty tough.

We lifted for about an hour; felt pretty good.


Weds., 8/1.

After 2pm today, I’m off for 9 days; gone from here the next 7 or so.

Train hard; Be well.



Back home.

Thursday, 8/9.

5x10 of each:
Straight calf
Seat hams
Seated calf

Leg press:
8x8 with 30 sec. rest.
This was tough.

Seat hams: 5x10
Squats: 5x10


Sat., 8/11.

6 sets up to;
5x1@ 155
3x5@ 135

Hammer Inc:
3x10@ 135; 10 sec. rest.
5x5@ 225; 30 sec. rest.

DB Inc.:
6x4@ 80’s

Lots of band work.


Hope you enjoyed your time off. Sets of 20 rep leg press sounds like fun. MP is looking strong.


Thanks, NHL…I did.

Went to the gym with my dad (in Chicago). He does misc. classes; chair yoga, weights and bandwork.
I saw a couple of his ‘instructors’. Now I know why my stepmoms jokes “he’s never late”.:+1:


Monday night; lifted with my gal-pal.

Drop sets, Cluster sets, forced reps…just because.

Hack SQ:
6x10@ 225
Last set was 3x10 @ 275; racked 10 secs between.

DB flat:
6x6 working up.
3x6@ 80’s
Drop set finish:
6@ 80 + 10@ 60’s+ ??@ 40’s.

Seated Hammer machine:
20@ 185.
2x10@ 225
10@ 275
30@ 275; alternating 5’s side to side.


Thursday, 8/16

Hammer grip pulldowns:
4x6 working up, then;
6x6@ 145.

Chin grip/Hammer machine:
6x6, working up, then;
Alternating 5’s @ plates a side for 50 reps total.

DB rows:
4x8@ 80’s

2x10@ 95
10x1@ 135 w/30 sec. rest.




Inc. DB Fly:
2x20@ 30’s
12@ 40, 50’s
3x8@ 60’s
Drop finish: 8@ 60 and 40.

Standing cable/ rear delt:
Stand cable fly:

Floor press:
6x3, working up to;
1@ 225, 245, 255
3x1@ 265
3x3@ 225

Lots of bandwork.