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Back...Into the Deep End


That’s the one.


Tues., 6/26

Used assisted machine; made it harder every set to warm-up.

Shrug machine:
10@ 135, 185, 225, 275
5x5@ 315

Quad extension:
1@ 30
5x 5+5+5; ascending weights.

Trap Bar:
4 sets up to; 5x5@ 315
5x1 cluster set @ 365



Seated hams/ straight calf: 3x20 each.

Front SQ:
6 sets then 6x6@ 225

Sumo pulls:
6 sets then 6x6@ 225.

Ab rollouts: 5x10



Misc. Bro lifts with a buddy, in his shed.

Did around 10 sets each of BE, shrugs and curls.


Sunday, 7/1

I used some ‘special white powder’ with this workout; seemed to help.

SQ: 6 sets 3, to depth.

To parallel box:
3@ 275
1@ 315, 345, 365
5x1@ 335

Hip thrusters:
2x6@ 225
4x6@ 275
2x10@ 225

Sumo pulls:
6 sets, various stance.
6x6@ 225



My 85 yr. old father, just put this in his garage.
I’m guessing, it wont stay in there much.


Mon., 7/2: Misc.

Hammer pulldowns:
10x10; waiting for my friend.

4 sets, then 3x5@ 135

Hack SQ:
6x10@ 225

2 sets, then 4x10@ 60’s

Short but good.


Thurs., 7/5

Leg pumping ect.

SQ: 5 reps of front+close stance+ wide.
5x15@ 135.

Hack SQ:
8@ 135, 185, 225, 275.
4x8@ 315
Drop set finish= 50 reps.

Straight calf:
10x8 adding 20# every set: 30 sec. rest between.
Drop set finish@ 50 reps.

Back/glute raise:
5x10@ +80#

Free Inc:
8x4@ 155

Lying Tri’s Ext:
5x10@ hard.


Friday, misc…working fast.

AB/AD machines:
1x60 alternating.
8x8 of each with 30 sec. rest between.

Quad Ext:
5x20@ hard, 30 sec. rest.

Standing shrug machine:
5x10@ 225, 3 sec. squeeze, 30 sec. rest.

Dips: 5x10
Bent rows: 10x5@ 135, 30 sec. rest.


“Get busy living, or get busy dying; that’s God dam right”.

HOA cut down a big (dead) tree in the backyard. My landlord ‘kept’ 3 large pieces: 4-5’ tall, about 36"-48" in diameter. Jesus…

Good for loading onto (?)…otherwise, they’re just kinda there :slight_smile:
Ridiculous? Yes, but it’s her yard. I’ll find a way to play with them soon.


Sunday, 7/8.
Half-assed training tonight…that’s it.

2 1/2 hour nap, after work; cooked, ate, went to bed :wink:


Tuesday; dumb volume, for the hell of it.

Seated Hams:
8x8 with 30sec. rest.
8x8, 30 s.r.
Quad ext.
8x8, 30s.r.

Hack SQ: 30 s.r. between all sets.
2x20@ 135
8x8@ 228
20@ 135

Shrug machine: 30 s.r. between; squeeze/pause at top.
15@ 135
5x10@ 225
3x15@ 135

Shoulder pump; TNation style.
3x30= pumped

DB flat:

8x3@ 225, long pause.


Thurs., 7/12

Seat cable row:
8x4@ hard/squeeze, with 30 sec. rest.

AbDuct/ ADD machine:
3x15 each

DL: 6-8 warm up sets.
2reps @ 275, 315, 365.

4x3@ 315, down to floor.

Floor press: Up to
3x1@ 245
3x2@ 225
6x6@ 185

Flat DB fly:
4x12@ 35’s


I’d almost forgot how nice it is to “play in the sunshine”. Frisbee, kicking a soccer ball around; just being outside in the park. I’ve been getting some good pool time also.

Not much opportunity in my recent past, unless I wanted to go alone; 1 man frisbee really takes it out of you…:wink:



Standing Abs: 3x10

OHP/push jerks: warming up, 6 sets of each.

P. jerks:
1@ 135, 155.
5x1@ 175. Quick and strong.
5x1@ 155 with 30 sec. rest.

Rear delt cable: 3x20

Shrugs: 5x10, 2 sec. hold at top.


Although I am sure one man Frisbee might be away to improve cardio. :smile:


Yeah Cripp, and as much fun as “running in between the raindrops”.

Gets old quick.


Sunday, 7/15
Squat party, and not much else.

Seated hams: 2x10, 6x6.

Warmed up to: 2@ 255, 275, 285.

To parallel box:
1@ 255, 285, 315
2x3@ 335
2x3@ 315

Squats/ full:
3x5@ 275

Paused, in the hole: a serious pause.
1@ 225, 245, 275, 295

That 295 paused is a PR; I count everything :wink:


Monday; lifting with a friend.

We went back and forth, all the way through; working pretty fast.

Seated hams: 8x8
OHP: 6 sets going up, then 3x3@ 3rep max.
Seated Hammer row: 6 sets up, then 4x8@ 10 rep max.
Hack SQ: 6 sets up, then 4x8@ pretty hard.
Drop set to finish, 24 reps total.


Tuesday: nap, then yard work, after work.

Wednesday: Pool time, after work.