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Back...Into the Deep End


Mon., 6/4

2x20@ bar
3x20@ 65

Bent row:
3x10@ 95
5@ 135
5x5@ 185

6 sets of 10, up to;
4x6@ 145

Seated Hammer row:
4 sets, up to;
4x6@ 245

Wide pulldowns:
5x10, plus drop set of 40 reps.


Took 7 days off of training; a few ‘pool days’, after work naps…extra work hours and lots of yard work.
All well worth it.

Now…back to training.


Tues., 6/12

Leg press:
Worked up to a 8x8@ hard; working fast.

Then did 3-5x10 on the following;
DB press
Seat hams
plate raise
Adduction mach.
face pulls
Abs again.

Edit: forgot I tried the Hack SQ for the first time ever. Not to bad.



High rep shoulder pump:

2x3@ 95, 135.
5x1@ 155
6x3@ 135 w/ 60 sec. rest.
2x10@ 95
Band work mixed in.



Trap bar, Shrug plus RDL:
2x5 each @ 135
2x5 each @ 185

Trap/ DL:
1@ 225, 275, 315
4x4@ 365
4x4@ 315

high rear cable cross:

Seat hammer rows;
Up to 4x4@ 275
4x6@ 225

Heavy Abs.


Friday 6/15.

Seated Hams: 10 sets.
3x5@ 135 and 225; all paused.
Fronts: 3x8@ 135

Abduction mach.
5x15@ hard.

Standing Abs: 5x10

Hack SQ:
5x10@ 225. Going down deep; feels pretty good so far.


Nice hack squats.


Thanks H. I hope your throwing. swimming and lifting, is going well for you this year.


Sat., 6/16

Abs, face pulls, press downs:
3x10 of each.

DB Inc/ elbows out:
2x10@ 30 and 40.
4x10@ 50’s

Flat DB/ hammer grip:
4x6@ 80’s

Rotary calf:
5x10@ hard squeeze.

Back/glute raise:
5x10@ hard squeeze.

pull aparts mixed into DB’s.



Dl’s, RDL, bent rows:
About 25 sets, all mixed together, 3’s and 5’s.
185, 225, 315, 345…

Leg press:
6 sets, 3x20 to finish.

Pulldowns: 3x10

Short but sweet.


Tues., 6/19

Abs: 5x10

Smith Inc.:
2x20@ 95
6x3@ 135; quick.
3x3@ 185; easy, smooth.
3x6@ 135; smooth.

2x3@ 95 and 115
8x3@ 135; Emom
3x8@ 95


Thurs., 6/21

Crunch and face pulls: 3x10

Leg press:
3 sets then 5x10@ 500

Leg ext.: 5x20

Abduct/ adduct machine:
1 giant set of 90 reps; back and forth, between machines.
Then 5x15 each.

RDL: 5x5@ 225


Weds., at my doctor:

Doc: " I don’t like what I see; we need more tests".

ME: “Well f**K that shit”…

Tests it is.


At first I thought this was going to be a Groucho Marx jokes. Test for what?


Hey Doc, my arm hurts when I do this…

Well, Doc says…don’t do that.

You mean that one ?!?


Some health B.S.
50 is about the time my ‘family issues’ tend to show up: Mom side is bad, Dads side is long, healthy life.

Good news: I am my fathers son. Same size and shape, build…cleft (?) chin, voice even…He’s 85, vibrant, sharp and going strong.
I’m going with that. :+1:


Let’s hope so, your dad sounds like a champ.
My families the same, Although dad’s side they all drop off young, mum’s side they all make the ton


Thanks Luc; I’ll insist on some TRT, to go with anything else I may need :slight_smile:

Time will tell.


Sunday, Squat day. Hope to get back on this schedule.

About 8 sets, up to 3x5@ 285
Close st: 4x6@ 225

BE: 8x5 total, nothing to heavy.
DB Inc.: 4x15
Trap Bar: 6-8 sets @ 275. Showed my friend these for the first time; she did same sets @ lighter weight. she’s ‘getting’ everything very fast.

A little band work; pretty short workout.


Mon., 6/25

Front SQ:
5@ 135
4@ 185
1@ 285

5x3@ 225, all paused, 30 sec. rest.

DB flat:
2 sets, then 6x6@ 80’s

Hammer rows:
2 sets, then 6x6@ 140 per side.