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Back...Into the Deep End


Sunday- Squat Day.

Dang…I missed it. I wasted some great super-carb, super pancakes I ate a couple hours before gym time.
Going to make it up tonight: 3x5@ 315 this week. Week 5 of adding 10# per.



Up to 1@ 255, 285.

At 315 I did:
5 first set.
3, then 2 on 2nd.
5x1 w/re-rack; cluster set.

Close back SQ:
3x10@ 225

Seated hams:
6x6@ 30 sec rest.

Abs: 10 sets
Seat calf: 6x6@ 3plate.


Couldn’t get the 3x5@315 as planned. 2nd set got off balance; finished off with the singles.
I’ll just do it next Sunday; maybe stick there for a couple weeks (?)


Tues., 5/16
OHP and not much else.

Warmed up with strict pressing and push-jerks.
Both moves at:
3x3@ 135
3x3@ 155

Both at:
8x1@ 155, 30 sec. rest.
Strict press:
5x3@ 135

Hammer machine BE:
5x10@ ??
With lots of band work along the way.


DL’s from floor felt like crap; just moved on.

RDL: 6x6@ 225
BB rows: 6x3@ 185

Hammer grip pulldowns:
6@ 85,100, 115, 130 145
6@ 115, 130, 145
6@ 115, 139, 145
Band stuff as always.


Friday, 5/18

Floor press:
Up to 5x3@ 225
Flat DB:
4@ 50, 60, 70, 80, 90.
6x4@ 80’s

OHP: strict and push press.
6 sets of each, up to;
6 of 8 @ 175 (missed 1, lost 1 at lockout)
Band work.


6 of 8 A2 175 on OHP is respectable.


Thanks H.; dam loud, dropping from up there :wink:


Sunday; Squat Day.

Seated Hams: 5x10
Up to 3x5@ 295
close back: 3x10@ 225

DB flat:
10@ 40, 50, 60, 60.

Worked with my pal on her squats/ front SQ. Should be Squat night for her to now.


Monday; short but sweet.

V-Squat machine:

Mod Sumo:
2x5@ 255

Standing curls:

2x10@ 60
6x6@ 185

EDIT; yes, it should say 85; 185 looks cooler :wink:


Thursday, 5/24.

Mid-incline DB:
3x10@ 50’s
3x15@ 50’s.

Floor press; up to:
4x1@ 245
Close: 3x3@ 225.

4@ 115, 130, 145.
4x4@ 160.

OHP: 5x8@ 95



Bent rows (under/over hand) and RDL:
2x5@ 135 each.
2x5@ 185 each.

DL: up to
2x1@ 275, 315
3x1@ 365
3x3/2 315

Mod sumo:
3x3@ 315

Band and Abs stuff.


Squats moved to Sat. night, due to BS holiday work schedule.

I started ok, but got (to) angry and distracted; stopped, and just helped my pal.

We’ve done squats 3 weeks in a row now. She’d been learning from folks at a C.F. box (friends or family?)…for the 2 months prior to our training.
Basically, a novice all around. Some lifting, but not planned at all, and lots of cardio.
We all know the drill.
4 weeks ago, she hit a “shaky, what’s depth?” single at 180;bs.; this was at the other place.

We’ve been doing 3x5 at our top working weight, every workout. Every rep to proper depth ect…Last night she did a 185lbs single (10-15# to spare), with great depth.

I kinda added weight, and she wasn’t keeping track so…you know, it happens :wink:
She’s off to a good start; did her 3x5@ 145 after that.

Just to re-cap, mine lifting sucked :frowning:


The Irony just wont stop.

First, talk at home, of getting another dog, as a new pal for the Grey Panther I currently live with.

Then (long story-short); my job trying to F-around with my schedule, which may switch me to 4 ten hour days, with Thurs/Fri/ Sat off.

The only other person to ‘get’ this, wouldn’t really give a dam now, but still…
Just funny.


Extra day off this; went on a little ‘Training Blitz’.

Tues., 5/29

Seated hams: 8x10
Adductor M.: 5x15
Leg press:
3x10@ 390
3x10@ 480

Bear hug carries: Plates, folded into a yoga mat.
2x100’@ 90
same @ 115
same @ 135

500’ w/ 45 plate held overhead.



Back and forth with;
OHP: 5x5@ 95
Face pulls: 5x5@ very hard.

8’s up to 4x8@ 175
front plate raise: 5x5@ 45.

Inc. DB: up to 6x6@ 70’s

Abs and face pulls: 3x10 each.

Worked fast, with the pressing; pretty good pump.


Thurs., 5/31.

Lying hams: 3x10
Leg extension: 3x20

Front SQ:
3x6@ 135 and 185
3x4@ 225
5x2@ 275
3x6@ 225

Adductor and Abductors:
8x15 each
Split these into 2 giant sets, working back and forth…



Inc. BE:
2x15@ 95
6@ 134, 145,
4@ 155, 175, 185
4x4@ 175

2x6@ 93
3@ 135, 155, 135.
5x5@ 95.

Abs: 5x10

Really crashed today; didn’t eat enough during the day.


Saturday is SQ, paused SQ, RDL, Abs and face pulls.

And more eating during work :wink:


Sat., 6/2

Mod/wide sumo, RDL’s, conventional…DL’s:
Did 5-6x3@ 225, of each, warming up/waiting for a friend.

SQ: Up to-
5x5@ 185
5x3@ 225; serious pause.

Showed my friend DL and RDL/ hip hinge stuff.

Bi’s/Tri’s super sets: