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Back...Into the Deep End



Hammer Inc.: up to 6x6@ 225, 30 sec. rest.
6 sets of 5, up to 8x1@ 225, 60 sec. rest.
5x5@ 185
Face pulls mixed in with the above.

Right side cable pulls/ rows ect.

AD machine/ watching hockey:
6 x20, up to 6x6@ 200, 30 sec. rest.


Dirty hot tubs help build your immune system, right? And drinking water from puddles too.

If you’re a hokey fan we’ve got a game 7 tonight. Bruins are gonna win I can feel it.


NH-- We’ll, you’ve made it this long, and your strong as hell too so; I guess what you drink is working :wink:

I am watching some hockey now; don’t have a ‘bandwagon’ team yet?? We shall see.


Thursday, 4/26.

Rack pulls:
Up to:
2x5@ 225
3@ 275, 315.
5@ 365
3x5@ 315.

Bent rows:
5@ 135, 155
2x1@ 185
10x1@ 205

Seat cable row; hammer attach.

2x10@ 90
5@ 115 and 130.

Drop sets at:

5 reps each @ 130, 115, 100.
Same @ 145, 130, 115.
Same @ 130, 115, 100.
3x10 @ 100.

Mixed in about 10 sets, misc. Abs.



2x5@ 95
2x3@ 115
3x5@ 135
20@ 95

DB low Inc.:

6’s @ 50, 60, 70
4x6@ 80’s
PR for the 80’s I guess.
Mixed in a ton of band work up to this point.

Wide pull downs: 3x20

Hammer BE machine:
5x10@ 185

I did over=head holds with last OHP reps, on all sets: brutal Ab ect. work.


Update, so I don’t forget.

*** 6 weeks (?) into the new position at work. Plenty of walking, is ‘flushing out’ my legs ect., after heavy training days, which does feel good (and help recover).
***Back into heavy-ish 3-5 reps for SQ: NO groin issues or pain. I hadn’t thought of it, until doing the Adductor machine for 160-190 lbs sets; SQ for 305-315 or so. The (shitty) time off to finish last year, was what I needed I suppose.
Anyway, onward and upward with SQ, and Front SQ also.

*** Planning on a “Wolf Pack Experience” in July. Something like when I swam with Dolphins at Sea World Orlando years ago (which I highly recommend for everyone!!). I believe we’re going 2 days in a row: 2-3 hours a day, in small groups, ‘meeting and greeting’ the various pack members. Apparently they’re very playful, sociable, and F**king huge !!!
Should be amazing.

***Squats. SQ day is Sundays. I’m doing 3x5 for the top weight; adding 10lbs per week.
Later today will be week 3, at 295. I’ll keep going until I hit a wall, then repeat that week, and starting adding again. Riding the wave I am.


Sunday, 4/29.

Legs hurt getting off my bus, and walking to the gym for “SQ day”; alrighty then.

Seated hams: 5 sets of ??

SQ: Worked up to-
2x3@ 225
2x1@ 265
3x5@ 295

Front SQ:
6@ 135, 135, 185.
4x6@ 225.

Mod Sumo: 5x5@ 275


Tues., 5/1

BE: 5x5@ 195
DB row: 5x8@ 70
pull aparts: 5x5@ very hard.

Did the above 3 in a circuit.

5@95, 95, 105, 115
3x5@ 125
Many overhead holds.

DB flat:
4x12@ 50’s
4x6@ 70
DB rows:
4x8@ 70

Done as circuit.

Pull downs:
2x20@ 75
5x5@135 w/ 30 s.r.


Weds; quick and painful.

Adduction machine:
worked to 5x10@ 190

Seated calf:
5x10@ 3plates, 30 sec. rest.

V-Squat machine:
Up to 4x15@ 405


Thurs., 5/3

Block pulls/ 5"
up to 1@ 315, 315, 345, 365
3 reps @ 385
3x5@ 345

Hammer row machine:
4 sets, then 3x10@ 225

Back raise: 5x15

Rope curl/ Tri extension super sets:

10x10 each@ ???. Super pump to finish


Friday. Lifted later than usual; people watching was worth it.

Up to 1 @ 145, 155, 165.
6x3@ 135
50 reps, front and back with the bar.

Mixed in many, many reps of pull aparts/ face pulls

Rear cable cross: 5x10@ who knows; super pump to finish.


Sunday, Squat day.

SQ: worked up to.
2x1@ 255
2x1@ 285
3x5@ 305
Pretty much all I wanted on the last set; a 6th rep would not have happened.

Paused SQ:
5x3@ 245
Long pause.


Cut workout short. I helped a young gal-pal, from my usual pancake place, do some SQ and front SQ. She has barely lifted, but has asked me a few times. She came in, and I hijacked her from the cardio floor :slight_smile:

She did well, and it was fun for me also.


Mon., 5/7: short but solid.

5’s @ 95,95,105,115,125.
3x5@ 135.

Mid-Inc. DB press:
2x8@ 50’s
6@ 60, 70
3x6@ 80’s

Lots of band stuff worked in.


Tuesday; short but solid, again.

Hammer Strength BE:

2x10 @ 45
6x6@ 70
This is the seated, uni-lateral machine…don’t know what the ‘arms’ weight; just listing the plates.

Flat DB:
10@ 50’s
10x6@ 60’s, 1 min. rest between.
Control down, punching the weights up. This felt great.

Bear hug heavy carries; you get the idea.
5 x 100’ @ 90lbs.
I stacked 2 plates, folded a yoga mat around them…pick up and carry.
Pretty dam clever :wink:
Did my laps on the B-ball court.

Adductor machine:
5x15@ 100, 1 min. rest.


So what was your opinion of the “bear hug carries?”


Hey Cripp; I like them just fine.
I’ve done misc. sand bag/ keg carries that way, or with both arms under, holding it high on the chest.
they’ve got a heavy bag (100+lbs I’m guessing). I’ll see if I can use that for carries soon.


Thursday, 5/10

Fueled up for training, ran some errands…took a 3 hour nap :wink:

No…really; allergies are dragging me down some days.



Block pulls 3": worked up to
2x3@ 225
3@275, 315.

365 x 1,2,3,4,5 reps.

Mod sumo
5x3@ 365

Seated cable rows:
6@ 100,115, 130
6x6@ 145

Abs; 5x10@ heavy…


Sat., 5/12. Bench +.

Comp: 3x10@ 135
Wide: 3x10@ 135

5@ 135, 185
3,4,4@ 205
3x1@ 225
Mixed in Pull ups: 10x3

DB incline:
12@ 50’s
6@ 60, 60, 70, 80
Drop to finish: 6@ 80,50, 40, 30.
Band work also.