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Back...Into the Deep End


Sat., 3/17

“If you pump it, they will grow”.; Kevin Costner.

Super sets, drops, circuits…ect…

Abs/Tris/face pulls: 3x15 each
ADduction: 15@ 110, 130, 150, 170, 190.
Quad ext. 3x15/ 3x25/ 5x10@ 190 w/ 1 min rest.
High incline DB, power fly: 3x20@ 30’s/ 5x10@ 50’s w/ 1 min rest.
Leg press: 2x20@ 390+ 10 calf after each.
4x15@ 390+ 10 goblet sq. @ 50
2x15@ 480 + 10 goblet sq @ 50
Rope Tri’s/ face pulls supersets: 8x10, whatever I had left…


A trainer there, who’s a power lifter herself, asked if I compete, wanted to join her team ect.
(I was wearing my 4 (consecutive) gold medals at the time so…you know). Not to interested, but it did motivate to get into a strength cycle, after this 6 weeks of ‘pumping it up’.
I figure I’m ready to go heavy again, for a good stretch, going through the spring.


When do you compete again?


I can’t see it happening this year; just need to lift and get strong again…


Mon., 3/19

Abs/ lats/ face pulls

DL’s; Worked up to several sets, 3-5 at 315; various stance.

Didn’t eat enough the past couple days, after that to-much-volume crap Sat. ;)…just crashed after an hour, and went home.


Tuesday, 3/20.

Seated machine laterals: 5x20@ 70.
Hammer Inc.: 6@ 135, 185, 205, 225, 245
3x5@ 265
DB flat: 6@ 50, 60, 70.
3x5@ 80’s
OHP: 5x3@ 135


Weds.; Went to lift a little, which is all I did.

SQ: About 10 sets 3’s to warm up, then…
15x1@ 275, EMOM.

That’s all. Just a little ‘shock’ I guess.

Back at work, at the desk, on my day off; lifting later.


Thurs., 3/22.

Front SQ: 2x6@ 95 and 135
6@ 185
4x6@ 205. All reps below parallel; harder than I thought it might be :frowning:
Back SQ/ paused: 6x3@ 225. Serious pause here.
RDL: 6x6@225; very deliberate, stretch at bottom.



Incline BE: Up to 6x6@ 155
DB mid-fly: 5x15@ 25’s
Pull ups: 5x5,alternating with DB’s.
BE: up to 6x3@ 205, punching them up.
Lots of pull aparts/ facepulls, and Abs.


Collateral damage, of a worthless scumbag from another persons past. This is what I’ve become, and what I have to deal with.

When I read things that hit me as unfair, even hurtful, making me feel that I had no positive significance, I remember that it’s not true; that’s not me. It’s not the person saying it, it’s the past.

All I hope for, is that one of the most precious things I’ve ever known, will heal, grow, and flourish beyond her wildest dreams.

Onward and Upward…


Sunday, 3/25

A bit of extra stuff.

Abs/ face pulls/ pulldowns.

Oly. high pulls/ from floor: 3x3@ 95
2x3@ 115
2x1@ 135
1@ 145, 155, 165.
10x1@ 135, 30 sec. rest . Super pumped arms/upper back.
Hip thrust: 2x15@ 135
10@ 185
6@ 225
4x6@ 275
That is all.


Monday night.

Abs/ pulldowns.

Front SQ: 8 sets up to 4x4@ 225
Back SQ: 4x6@ 225
Mod sumo: 4x6@ 225

That is all.


On your Oly high pulls are you able to drop the weights or are you holding them the hold time?


Greetings hel320, thanks for stopping by.

I CAN drop when I want/need to. It’s a 24 hour fitness, but they have a big rack system with bumper plates and platforms. I usually ‘follow’ the bar down, and stop it at the bottom (from cracking my shins!).
Great for controlled drops on DL also.


Tuesday, 3/27

Seated cable rows: 15@ 85.
5@ 100,115,130,145,160,175; hard squeeze
OHP: 3x5@ 95…waiting for a bench.
DB mid-incline: 8@ 50, 50,70
2x4@ 80’s
2x8@ 70’s
Did hard pull aparts after most sets (shaking, paused, and hard)…


Thurs., 3/29.

No BE strength at all; must build.

BE: worked up to 5x2@ 225
Close grip: 3x6@ 185

Incline: 3x5@ 155
Standing cable fly: 3x12@ ???
Pullups: 8x5 mixed in with BE.

Cable fly was on a FreeMotion(?) machine; many ways to adjust. Pretty cool.



Leg press: 2x30/ 5x10+10@ 500 (wide and close stance).

Misc. DL stances: 20@3@ 225. Burned these sets up fast; good conditioning work.
I’m sure I did Abs :)_


Nice leg press


Thanks H., it feels pretty good.


Took Sat/Sun off from lifting.

Mon., 4/2

Seated Hams: 2x30@ 70
2x15@ 90
6x6@ 120, with 30 sec. rest. Super pump.
V-Squat: 15@ 225, 315
5x10@ 405
SQ: front, back, wide back, 6 of each, giant set.
4x18@ 135.

I guess it was lower-pump night. That was all.