Back...Into the Deep End

To start the year…

Work is alright. At home, not so much. My 80 year old step-son still greets me at the door, so that’s something. I’m thinking about a summer trip, with my dad, to visit family in France (his birth place). Holidays have been lucrative at work so, maybe my sister can come also. I can do this. I have to do this, for all of us.

But lets keep this about training shall we…or drumming. I need to start playing again. And cooking more, shaving, and searching for ‘just the right tie…’ and pullups/dips. Painting my dining room ect…did I mention shaving already? A sharp blade with extra cream is hard to beat. Wait, what?


Hang on a sec denver z-man…‘80 year old stepson’…that’s a typo right? lol

HA! You never know??? Maybe you do have an 80 year old step son…I’ve heard stranger ? Kinda? :wink:

DUDE. I am on the dip train too now :frowning: yikes.

[quote]Slomo wrote:
Hang on a sec denver z-man…‘80 year old stepson’…that’s a typo right? lol[/quote]
It must be. Right?

When you gonna come down and train with me, Denver z-man?

Well good morning one and all…

Brute–‘for real though’
Slomo–‘say what now?’
Kpsnap–‘what you talkin about?’

That should cover it.


…But seriously. It was not a typo. My ‘80 stepson’ is…Jasper The Beagle ! He will be twelve next spring. I’ve known him and his mom for about two years, and I use the ‘80 stepson’ line whenever I can !

And by the way, I would’ve expected you to figure that one out…Brute! Dog lover that you say you are, jeez.

Jasper is one of he greatest dogs I’ve not only had, but have known. Seriously. I think I’ll have at least one Beagle around for awhile. Jasper Jr., J2, Jasper III, who knows.

And Yes ladies…Denver z-man supports single mothers! Wait, what…?

Saturday, after work…at my other gym…

Straight arm pulldown–3x15@ 60
Overheads --3x15@ 90
Pec Deck --3x15@ 80…circuit style, no rest.

Bulg. split sq --5x10each@ 65’s
Bent rows --5x10 @ 90
V-bar pulldowns --5x10 @ 140

Bulg splits to finish–Drop sets, 10 reps @ 65,55 and 40’s. 2 sets, each leg. Short and sweet…like Jasper.

Hey Kpsnap–I ain’t got no fancy lifting stuff, just Goodwill mainly, but that sounds like a great time. “1st annual Kpsnap Invitational”…gotta ring to it. What part of town are you guys? I’m Capital Hill myself.


Good grief…is there nothing else I could be doing? No, not really.

Warm ups next 4 weeks:      All 5x5--  Bench @ 155 or Floor Press@ 185
                                                             Squats@ 185
                                                              Deads@  225
                                                             Overheads@ 135?...need to check that one out; been awhile. 

3 or 4 moves every Rec Center day, and then the movement pattern for the day. Including pull/chin-ups, dips, H. thrusters, front sq, high pulls, bent rows…all the ‘core’ crap I do ect…

…and drumming…do not forget the drumming.


  Warm--Leg Press:  2x15@315/  Squats 5x5@ 155 (forgot 185)
                                                      Floor P: pulls with these. 
                                                     Deads  :  5x5@225

                      Hip Thrust:   12@135/ 4x12@185

                      Squats     :    2x5@185/ 5@225/ 5@245/  5x3@275 (PR-I guess)

                      Ad/Ab machine:  Flushed out with 3x15 both ways...

Rec Center has new Hammer Leg press and the adduction/abduction machine. Very nice indeed.

After backing off training, the last two weeks,due to extra shifts ect…I felt strong and solid on everything.

Thurs-- 2 hours of studio time…and then bench/overheads at the RC.

Set list to include, in no particular order:   Rush, Kansas, Jane's Addiction, Living Colour, Alice in Chains, More Rush...SoundGarden, Return to Forever, Yes, Pearl Jam (it's ok), Spin Doctors...rush, Allan Holdsworth, V.H...And some naked Buddy Rich stuff....Will post videos when I....wait, videos for you.  

Don’t forget some Josh Freese(?)-Perfect Circle stuff…and whatever else wants to be played.

Welcome back.

I hate to nitpick, and I know it’s your thread and all, but Rush is spelled RUSH…and by god man…rush? Serialy?

[quote]sen say wrote:
Welcome back.

I hate to nitpick, and I know it’s your thread and all, but Rush is spelled RUSH…and by god man…rush? Serialy?[/quote]

Funny, I hadn’t noticed I was doing that. Neil is gonna give me an earful when he reads this!


BE–5x5@ 155

DB low press: 4x12@40’s…band pull apart and such in between.

Hammer Incline: 3x8@70’s/ 5x5@90’s/ 12@70

DB low fly: 4x12@ 40’s

Standing OHP: 3x5@135/ 2x3@155…Felling good so…1@ 175 (pr). Worthy of a vid, I’ll explain in a bit.

Cable crunch/ chins: 4x15@75/ 4x3 chins with holds at top

OHP rep (just 1 rep) took about 15 seconds. Pressed it…got up 1/4 and stopped, lowered to my shoulders…tried again, 1/2 way and stopped…lowered again…took a couple big breathes…And Up…Locked it out !..on the third try. I didn’t rack the bar until I hit it on the third push. Added these in towards the end of the workout; being fresh might’ve been helpful (!).



Leg P–2x15@225/ 3x10@405
Floor P --5x5@185
Hip ext–4x15
DB High pulls–5x5@50’s

High Pulls: 2x8@90/ 5x3@145 (very easy, clean,quick reps)

Trap Deads: 2x8@225/ 5x5@275 (again, pretty easy)

L to H cable Fly: 4x12@ 30
Face Pulls : 4x12@30…plus other band stuff.

Walkouts/ and misc. stuff

Doesn’t look like much; should’ve pulled more stuff…

Training is looking awesome (and often) Eric. With a music selection like you have I’m sure AC/DC and Stone Temple Pilots are in there.

Really Broncos? Really? Good Grief.

My better half is on the road, “stacking paper”, I think that’s how the kids say it…So a 4 day, heavy gym week is in order!

Tues–Overheads ect.
Wens–Squats ect.
Thurs–Bench ect.
Friday-- Deads ect

In a nutshell.

[quote]denver z-man wrote:
Really Broncos? Really? Good Grief.

My heart goes out to you and Peyton. Was sad to see that.

[quote]sen say wrote:

[quote]denver z-man wrote:
Really Broncos? Really? Good Grief.

My heart goes out to you and Peyton. Was sad to see that.[/quote]

It’s ok, I’m on my hometown Bears bandwagon…wait, what?

Tuesday 1.13.15

Warm-up SQ-- 2x10@155/3x5@185
FP-- 5x5@185
DL-- 5x5@225 (smith)
Misc. band work/shoulder stuff.

Seated O.H.–2x10@ 135 (full reps)…Top 1/2 reps 5x5@185…pretty strong

High incline press-- Same as above. 5x5@185 felt strong as well.

Leg Press-- 2x20@225/ 2x15@315/ 2x15@405…straight legged calf on first 4 sets.

Not bad for my 'low energy day'. 

Really felling all the 5x5's in my shoulders tonight.

Wens 1.14.15

Warm SQ–2x10@155/3x5@185
DE–5x5@225 (smith)
misc. band work in between

             Lying Curls:  4x15@ 80
Alt with Seated Calf:  4x8@   90

           Squats:    3@185,225,275/ 2@285/ 1 @ 295...315 (pr)...Missed!@ 335, got loose in the hole, dang it all.  Really should have had that rep; just got away from me. 

I started training again about 8 months ago, after 4 years completely off. So as of now, 315 is my max. Not REALLY chasing max weight in general, but as a measuring stick, there I am.

          Back Sq-- 315
          O.H. Push--175...Bench? Deads?...find out soon, just for the Heck of it. 
           Front SQ --3x3@205

And now, to work on Thursdays set list and training plan…