Back...Into the Deep End


Pulldowns+ pushdowns: 1x25+25/ 15+15/ 5x 10+10
Rope overhead Tri’s+ rope curls: 5x 10+10
Leg press machine: 3x 25
Seated Hams: 3x25/ 3x15
DB rear delt+ press+ curls: 10 reps each= 2x 60.
DB high inclines: 15@ 30, 35, 40, 45, 50’s



Dam…I’ve gotten weak- all this pumping and reps and time off…and BS minor injuries… :sneezing_face:

Warms: 10x25.

DL: 8x4/ 1@ 365/ 405/ cluster=4x1@ 385
Bent rows: 1x5x5 cluster set @ 135

Seated Hams: 10x6, up to very hard.
Calf: 2x25, painful stretch+flexing.
Seat cable rows: 8x8, pretty dam hard.



Bands+Cables: 10x10

Box SQ@ parallel: 6x4/ 4x2/ 1@ 315, 345, 365
G.M.'s: 3x10@ 135
Ball Abs and back raise: 3x10 each.
…and another thing or two, I forgot to write down…



Sunshine Pump Day… :flushed:

90mins of misc. bands, kettlebell, EZ bar arms+shoulders…and with a friend+kids+coffee…

I’ll count it.

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Seated Hams, Abs, Back raise: 3x15 each.

Paused SQ: 5x5/ 2x3/ 1@ 275, 295
High box SQ: 5@ 315, 365/ 3@ 405, 435.

45* Leg press: 3x15
DB Tri’s + curls: 5x15+10 @ 30’s, 30sec. rests.

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Band/cables: 10x15

Decline DB’s: 2x15/ 2x8/ 3x6@ 80’s & 75’s.
Decline BE: 6x8
DB laterals: 3x15
DB front raise: 3x15
DB 1 arm rows: 2x15/ 3x10/ 1x15.

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ABduct and ADduct machines: 5x15, alternating w/no rest.
Hanging Abs: 3x10

Sumo pulls/ floor: 8x3/ 1@ 315, 65, 390/ 3x1@ 365
Bent rows/underhand: 3x15
Pulldowns: 5x8/ 1x24 rep drop to finish.

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Training/eating towards leaning out, this past month.

Legs got smaller (leaner but…not cool :frowning: ) and upper body filed in.

I lost precisely…0 lbs.

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I hit 10 pounds lost the other day, and can’t get past it.

I’ll bet it will come in waves for you, as you get acclimated to it-training and diet wise.

For me- quads and waist shrank, but calf and backside stayed the same…who knows.


Don’t do Fridays often- was nice and quiet(er) in the PM.

Cable warms: 12x 10-15reps.

Incline DB’s/ fly + press: 5x10+10
Bench: 5x5.
Floor press: 3x3/ 3x1@ 245
Face pulls: 2x25
Bar curls: 2x25
DB hammer: 3x15@ 30/40’s