Back...Into the Deep End


Knocking the rust off…

Glute+back raise: 2x20.
Seated ham machince: 8x10
Seat leg press: 8x10
ABduct and ADduct machines: 5x10 each.
Hang leg raise: 3x10
Swiss ball crunch: 3x10
Meadows drop set/ Quads: 4x8+ holds between each.


Is the Meadows drop set the “Bulgarian Split Squat of Death”? If so, those things are fun (but totally awful, hahaha).

Yes, it’s one of his versions- I did it on a seated leg press.
His split squat w/kettlebell set is a good one.


Band/upper stuff: 2x25

Decline DB’s: 6@40,40,50/ 60,70,80,75,75.
Hammer super Inc.: 6x8
DB front raise + press: 4x 15+15
Cable pulldowns+ pushdowns: 2x12+12/ 3x8+8.


Holiday + working= 4 days off training.

Had a 60+ min. pumping party yesterday- back to it tonight.

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