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Back...Into the Deep End


Lower machines: 10x10
Shoulder pumps: 2x30 + 30 pullaparts
Hanging leg raise: 2x15

Leg press: 5x10+ 30 squats at the end.
Swiss ball Abs + back raise: 3x20+20

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Warms: 8x10

Floor press:
-speed sets= 12x3, misc. grips.
-Close grip: 3x3/ 1@ 250, 275, 285

Barbell Tri’s extensions/press: 2x25@ 135
Mid. incline DB’s: 25@ 50’s/ 13@ 65’s
Cable pulldowns: 3x10/ 3x6

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Warms: 8x10

Block pulls @ 4":
8x2/ 1@ 365, 405, 455.
Cluster= 3x1@ 405

Sumo, from floor: speed pulls- 8x3@ 315, 30 sec. breaks.

High pulls: 6x5@ 95
Low back ext.: 1x30
Hanging leg: 2x15
Pulldowns: 5x10



Warms: 8x10

Decline DB’s: 20@ 30, 50’s/ 2x10@ 70’s, 60’s.
Hammer Iso Incline: 3x6/ 6@ +90, 100, 110 per side.
Incline DB-Tri’s + Bi’s: 3x15 + 10.
Rear delt fly: 2x20
Seat Leg press: 5x15.

Day 2 of 4-training before vacation (light lifting if any) time…

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Z- that’s some nice floor press work!

OG…Thanks, I saw you pop back up around here.
Good to hear from you.


Pumping and Heavy Breathing (not that heavy).

Bike- 5mins
Hanging leg-3x15
Bike- 5 mins
Crunch+back raise: 2x15 each
OHP- 5x5/ 5x5@ 135
ABduct machine- 5x10
Calf- 5x10
Lying EZ Tri’s-5x10
Standing EZ curls- 5x10

Short breaks, hard pumping action…did it all pretty quick.


Back after 10 days off of training- out of town for most of it.

Came back the same weight, but just a little softer…
I hope I didn’t lose to much Gainzzz.


Good, hard lower body pumping-a little arms and shoulders too. Back to real training Tuesday PM.


Mon/11/22- Not to bad, with all the time off I’ve had.

Tri’s + Facepulls: 3x15+15
Abs + back raise: 3x15+15.

Floor press:
3x10/ 4x6/ 3@ 225, 250, 260, with pretty good pauses.

Close grip: 3x6@ 225
Hammer decline mach.: 5x15
Pullup machine: 3x10 (-100)
Cable crunch: 5x10
Hang knee raise: 5x10

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How did I Not post any training since Mon?.. I’m sure I did something during the week??


Abs and back raise: 2x15+15
Lying hams: 6x8 going up.

Box Sq/ +2":
8x3/ 3@ 315, 365, 385

G.M.'s: 5x8@ 185
DB pullovers: 3x15
Straight hang Abs: 3x15

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Misc. upper/abs/lowback: 8x25

Mid Incline/ 3 board press:
2x15/ 2x6/ 3@ 185, 205/ 3x3@ 225. Dam weak still.

High(er) Incline/close grip: 6@ 135, 165, 185, 175, 175
Pullup machine/ -100lbs: 4x12

Incline DB Tri’s: 3x15
Rear delt raise: 2x15
Hang knee raise: 5x10

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Misc. warms= 10x15, giant circuit.

Speed pulls: warmed up sumo & conventional: 12 or so x3.
Conventional only: 6x1/ 12x1@ 275 + 50lbs band, 30 sec. rest.

Seat leg press/alternated single leg: 5x10 back and forth.
Leg extensions: 2 sets of “21’s”
ABduct machine: same as above.
Pulldowns/ wide: 6x8
DB laterals: 8x8, short breaks. Yes-I read the CT tip/reminder.
Cable crunchs: 8x8, as above=very hard reps.

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