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Back...Into the Deep End

5 days out of town, out of the gym.

Had a pumping party last night-

Lying hams/ seat leg press/ ABDuct/ ADduct machines: 4x10 @ 30 sec. rest, all the way.
Pulldowns w/stretch, Meadows style: 4x10
Cable crunch:4x10
Face pulls: 4x10
DB lateral pumps: 3x30
Seat shoulder press: 3x10

Everything done with slow negatives and constant tension.

Sauna + cold showers x 20mins.

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Sat/ 9/25

Warms: 8x15

Box SQ/ parallel +2:
6x3/ 3x1/ 1@ 315, 345, 375.
3x3@ 315

1 leg seated press: 6x8 each.

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Sun/ 9/26

Warms: 8x25

Floor press:
2x6@ 135, 185
6@ 225, 235, 235

Pin press/ lockouts:
2x3@ 225
3@ 250, 275, 275

Seated Hammer rows: 3x10
Seated wide rows: 3x15
High Inc. DB’s: 25@ 30, 40’s

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Abs, low back, Hams, pulldowns: 2x20 each.

2" Deficit pulls/conventional:
2x6@ 185, 225, 275
6@ 315, 335, 355

Speed pulls/Sumo: 6x3@ 225, 275

Hack SQ: 4x10
Hanging leg: 5x10


Calf, Abs and Face pulls: 4x10 each.

Floor press/ speed sets: 12x3

Close grip:
3x3/ 3@ 225, 250/ 6x3@ 260

JM press: 4x15@ 95
Hammer seat rows: 1x20 both/ 1 arm= 4x10/ 20 reps both.
Mid. Incline DB’s: 15@ 40, 50, 60’s

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Warms: 10x10

Block pulls @ 8"= 3"ish below knees:
4x4 then 4x2, going up.
1@ 365, 405, 445- just weak today, Dang.
Cluster of 5x1@ 405, this felt alright.

Sumo speed pulls/ floor: 8x3@ 275

Glute Blaster (really?) machine: 3x15
Seated leg press: 3x15



Warms: 5x10/ 5x20

Floor press:
4x15/ 3x6.
3@ 225, 245, 265
3x3@ 245.

JM press: 6x8@ 135, mixed in early, with pressing.
band work= 6x20 mixed in too

Mid. Incline DB: 15@ 40, 50, 60.
Misc. rear delt /laterals: 1x50
Cable crunch + Bi’s: 3x10+10.
Standing crunch + Tri’s: 3x10+10.


Looking good Eric. You training for any meets?

Thanks NH- not this year (or the past 2yrs. I guess), but maybe into the next.


Warms: 10x25.

Speed SQ/ box +2":
12x 2 going up/ 2x2@ 275, 315, 365, 405…just powering up best I could=pretty good :+1:
1 set wide+ 1 set regular stance, at each weight above

G.Mornings: 8@ 135, 185, 225, 275
Calf: 3x20
Hanging leg raise: 3x20

4 rounds of sauna/steam + cold shower



Warms: 8x25

Hammer BE press:
Single arm=4x10 each, alternating/ 8x6 / single arm= 4x10 alternating.

Decline DB’s: 3x6/ 6x6@ 70’s.
Lying Tri’s + standing curls: 4x10+10.
1 arm DB rows: alternating 5’s to 30 each@ 100lbs.= 1 giant set.
Seat Vbar rows: 2x25.



Hams, ADduct, ABduct, Quads: 5x8 each @ 30sec. rest=all the way for all machines/sets.

SQ/ paused: A few warm-ups, then 6x8
Leg press +calf: 3x15 + 10.

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Pulldowns, Tri’s, pullaparts, rows= 2x15 each.

Incline BE: 4x6/ 4x6@ 155.
Decline DB’s: 4x8/ 8@ 70, 80, 90, 3x8@ 80’s.
Tri’s + Bi’s: 3x15+10 @ 30’s
Hammer pulldowns: 4x8/ 4x8@ 130


Well shit: extra work, no training, a couple ‘special events’ and so-so eating=
An un-planned ‘de-load’ week…just worked out that way… :roll_eyes:

Back at it tonight, after 7 days off.



Warms: 10x15

Block pulls/ 4":
6x3/ 3x2/ 1@ 365, 405, 435.

Speed/Sumo: 4x3@ 315
Bent rows: 3x15
ADduct/ ABduct machines: 3x10
Hanging Abs: 3x10
Pulldowns: 3x10

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Warms: 8x15

Floor press/close grips: Tri’s warm-ups mixed in early.
4x10/ 4x3/ 3@ 225, 245/ 5x1@ 275

Comp. grips: 4x6@ 225
Barbell Tri’s: 2x25@ 90.
Abs + Facepulls: 3x15+15
OHP: 5x10



Seat leg press: 15 x 5@ 5sec. pause
Seat Hams: same as above= super pumps after 30 sets.

Box SQ/ parallel:
6x5/ 3x5@ 225/ 3x3@275/ 5x5@ 225… all with 30-45sec rest.

Leg Press: 3x15
Single leg, KB split squats: 1x40 each.
Seat/upper rows: 2x25
Bi’s and Tri’s cable: 1x50 rep drop sets.



Seat leg press: 2x25
Seat Hams: 2x25
Big leg press: 3x15
Seated leg press: 3x6/ 3x10
Bodyweight SQ’s: 1x25, paused/deep.

Swiss ball- glute raise+ back raise+ abs: 3 giant sets of 10 each.

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