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Back...Into the Deep End


Seat Hams: 2x40, super pumps

Front + back SQ: 3x10+10
Fronts= 3x5
Back/close- 3x5
Back= 3x10,paused deep.
Did all SQ with about 60 sec. rest= more super pumps.

Leg Press: 4x15, hard, deep and paused= painful.
DB split squat drop sets: 1x50ish for each leg.

Some Mountain Dog style work tonight-in memory of.



Misc. cable stuff= 1x100 reps.

Decline DB fly + press: 2x10+10
Fly: 5x10

Bench: speed sets 12x3
BE: 3x3/ 5x1 cluster
Wide grip: 3x10

Overhead Tri’s machine: 5x10
Pulldowns: 5x10
Hanging leg: 5x10
Swiss ball crunch: 5x10

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It’s on now- I’m 5 weeks out…

…from an out of town, wedding/meeting family weekend with my lady.
Her dad and brothers, other family and old friends- should be a barn burning :+1:


Warms all over: 12x20…pumping and waiting.

Deficit pulls= 2":
8x1 up to 410/ 3x1@ 390

Sumo/speed pulls: 9x3/ 3x1 cluster @ 320/ 340/ 320

High rows/ Pulldowns: 6x15
Cable Bi’s: 1x100, ascend/descend

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Leg extension/ single ham curls: 2x25, alternating
Hang leg raise-3x10
Cable crunch-3x10
Face pulls-3x10
Seated calf-3x20

Squats/close stance: 5x10, paused in the hole.
Box @ parallel: warm up sets, then-
Speed sets: 8x2 moving up/ 8x2@ 275. All at 30-40sec rest.

Split Squats-John Meadows style:
8 reps + 10 sec. hold…4 times = 1 giant set per leg, with a couple KB’s.

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1 giant cable set: 1x60

Floor press:
Warms 3x9/ speed (sorta) 6x3.
3@ 225, 245, 255, 265/ 3x3@ 250

JM press: 6@ 135, 155, 175/ 3x6@ 185
DB Inclines: 30@ 40’s/ 20@ 50’s/ 12@ 60’s
Rear delt flys: 2x40


Sun/8/22- lifting in The Shred Shed.

Misc…who knows.

BE: 5x5/ 5x3
3 board-close grip: 2x15@ 185/ 12, 10, 8@ 225.
Laterals, DB bench, Bi’s and Tri’s: 3-4 sets of each.



Misc. warms: 8x25

4" block pulls: after working up=
1@ 365/ 405/ 455
Cluster/wave: 3 waves of 1@ 365, 415, 435

Sumo pulls: 6x6@ 315

Circuit of 1x25 each:
Pulldowns, face pulls, straight arm pulldowns, back raise and abs.



Warms: 8x20, circuit.

Floor press:
-speed sets: 6x3
-3 @ 215, 235, 255, 270
-close grips: 6x6@ 225

Decline (slight) DB’s: 2x20@ 50’s
Rolling Tri’s: 25@ 30’s, 25’s.



Misc. 10x10

Speed pulls:
12x1 going up/ 12x1@ 295, 20-20 sec. rest.

Seat leg press: 5x15, painful Quads.
Cable Abs: 3x10/ 3x15…and calfs.
Calf: 10x5, very hard, 10 sec. breaks.
Pulldowns + Pushdowns: 4x10+10



Misc. 8x10

Floor press:
Warm up/ speed sets: 8x3
1@ 230, 250, 270, 280, 285= grinding max efffort.

Close grip: 4@ 225, 35, 45, 255.
Cable high-low: 8x10
Hammer 1 arm rows: 5x15 each
Bosu Abs: 5x15

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Warms: 8x15

Block pulls @ 6": warmed up pulls/RDL/rows
Max Effort 1@ 405, 435, 465, 485.

3x4@ 405

Speed pulls: 8x3
Power shrugs + High pulls: 4x 3+3
Power shrugs: 3@ 225, 245, 275, 295, 275, 225, 225: hit these at 30 sec. rest.

Pretty good on crappy sleep, busy day, and not enough to eat.


Sat/9/4- easy/short pumps session.

Warms: 8x10 circuit

OHP: 6x5 going up/ 3x5@ 135, 155
Pullaparts: 6x25 mixed in.
Calf: 5x20
Swiss ball Abs/back raise: 5x20 each.


Lower giant set= 8x15

Close/paused SQ: 2x8@ 95, 135/ 2x5@ 185/ 3x5@ 135: very slow + very paused.
Seat Leg press: 4x15, slow negs. again.

Upper giant set= 6x15.

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Upper/Abs/Low back: 8x25

3x3@ 95, 115.
2x1@ 135, 145, 155, 135
OHP: 2x5@ 95, 115, 135
All above done 60 or less rest

Hammer decline machine: 2x15/ 5x8@ 185
V-bar rows: 3x25@ 100
Wide rows: 5x10



Leg extensions: 3x25, short rest
Bike: 5mins
Calf: 5x10, short rest.
Seat leg press: 5x10, slow and paused.
Calf: 5x10. short rest.
Bike: 5mins
Big Leg press: 10x10, 2-3 sets rest/pause style= sweet and painful.
KB split squat: 4x8+ 4 long pauses- 1 big set each leg
Bosu Abs: 5x10, short rest.
Bodyweight SQ: 1x50, slow and paused…

…and then I walked home.

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Warms: 8x15 non-stop.

Floor press: worked up to,
1@ 250, 270, 280, 290

Close grip: 4x6@ 225
Inc. DB’s: 15@ 40’s/ 20@ 50’s/ 15@ 60’s
Rear delt fly: 2x25
Hanging leg raise: 3x10

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Calf + pullaparts: 3x20+20
Hang leg raise: 3x10
ADduct/ Seat leg press/ lying hams: 5x15.

Box/speed SQ:
3x2@ 138, 185/ 2x2@ 225, 245, 265/ 6x2@ 275- working fast.

Cable Abs: 5x10
KB split squats/ drop sets: 30reps + 3 pauses, each leg.
Seat leg press: 3x10
Cable Tri’s and Bi’s: 60rep ascend/decend set for each.

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Chest/shoulder press machines: 3x10 each
Pullaparts/ band stuff: 6x20 mixed in.

Hammer Inc. machine: 4x8/ 4x8@ 225
Decline BE: 5x10
DB shoulder 3-moves: 2x30
OHP: 3x5/ 3x5@ 135/ 3x10@ 95
Bosu Abs: 5x10

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Thursday night- a little extra pumping stuff.

Pulldowns + pressdowns: 3x20+ 10.
Calf: 5x10
Leg extensions: 1x30/ 4x10
Split squats: 5x10 each side.
Med. ball side bends: 3x20
DB Tri’s + Bi’s: 2x20+20