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Back...Into the Deep End


Shoulder/Arms pumps: 2x30

Incline BE: 6x15, slow eccentics w/pause-pushing TUT.
Decline: 4x15, same as above.
Bodyweight Tri’s: 6x10 mixed in.

Floor press: 4x6/ 4x3@ 225
JM press: 3x10
Cable overhead Tri’s and Curls: 2x20 each.

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More TUT sets= 60 secs…watching the clock I was.
Pausing, slow eccentrics…constant tension ect… Thanks to older CT vids.

Leg press: 3x20-25 reps
Seat hams: same
Calf: 3x30
V-Squats: 5x10, deep pause/stretching,
Glute+back raise: 2x30
Misc. Abs: 5x20
Cable Bi’s and Tri’s pumping (why not)…1x70-80? reps.


Nothing wrong with high reps. Of course I am a big CT Fletcher fan. A lot of his stuff calls for a bunch of reps.

I know you are Cripp; “Arms by CT”… :muscle:

I’m talking about Christian Thibs., here on TNation. Many good (some short) vids at his Thibs-Army channel on the YouTubeing.

But yes, I certainly like the super-sets, super-pumped high rep stuff too, especially for upper body work. Honestly, it’s fun and looks a bit crazy in the gym, when you Just Don’t Stop for a few minutes (and then scream at the mirror :eyes:)

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Pulldown pumps: 1x50
DB arms/shoulder pumps: 1x 100 @ 5’s.

Hammer decline mach.: 6x10, pause/stretch’s + Face pulls 6x10

Decline (slight) DB press: 4x10, 4x6@ 80’s with paused reps.
Tate press + Rolling Tri’s: 2x10 + 10@ 30’s/ 1x10 each @ 40’s (just to much)
Cable Pec fly: 2x20.


Friday night

Every set/rep, 5 sec. eccentrics, pause, then press.

Lying Hams: 4x10
Seat leg press: 4x10
ABduct mach.: 4x15
ADduct mach.: 4x15
Cable crunch: 4x10
Rear delt machine: 4x10


Arms/Shoulder DB’s pump: 1x50

High incline DB’s: 5 sec. eccentrics
2x15@ 30, 40’s

Flat BE: 4x6/ 6x1 cluster @ 225.
Decline DB fly: 3x10
EZ bar-JM press: 2x10
EZ- lying extension: 2x10
Drag curls: 2x10
Cable/rope curls: 2x10
Standing Abs: 3x15

Everything, besides Bench, was 5 sec. eccentrics; super.

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Leg extensions: 5 sec. eccent.- 5x10 with 30sec. rests
Walking lunge/short stride: 50steps.

SQ/regular stance: 4x10, 5sec. going down.
Close stance/ 5sec. down: 6x6
Regular stance/ box @ parallel: 4x1/ 3x3@ 315

Seated leg press/alternated legs to 5x5 each- more slow eccentrics.
Both legs: 3x20- slow 10+ pumping 10.

Good Grief that’s tough.


Pretty sure I lifted last Weds. Past that, I’ve been off work 4 days, off lifting for the past 5.

I mean…Really Off lifting :+1:

Back to it today.

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Lower Pumping.

Everything= 2x15, w/5 sec. eccentrics, and the occasional partial reps/pauses.
**Lying Hams, ABduction, 1 leg press, Leg extension, Calf, ADduction

2x15 of Swiss ball crunch, back raise and rev. hypers, circuit style.

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Weds. Upper pumping-ish.

Cable Tri’s+ face pulls+ Lats: 3x15 circuits.

Spoto/Bench: 2x15/ 2x10/ 3x5/ 3x5@ 185. 2 sec. pause at bottom.
JM press: 3x10

Inc. DB + curls: 3x10+10 @ 30’s
OHP: 3x8
Tri’s + Bi’s: 2x10+10@ 25’s.

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Misc.: 8x10
Single Hams: 10x5 each, alternating

DL, from the floor:
6x3/ 4x2/ 1@ 365, 405

Speed pulls: 4x2@ 315
Bent rows: 4x5
Rear delt machine: 5x10
Shrugs: 5x5


1x 50, with partials, paused reps;
-Lying hams
-Leg extension
-Leg press

Rope extensions: 3x10
Pushdowns: 3x10
Overhead rope: 3x10

Cable/rope curls: 3x10
DB curls: 3x10
Drag curls:3x10

Cable crunch: 5x15


Pec deck/ rear delt: 2x15+15
DB’s/ high incline: 2x15@ 30, 50’s
Low fly: 3x10@ 30’s
Rear Inc. fly: 2x25

Bench/close grip: 3x6 cluster @ 135/ 2 X 3x3 cluster @ 185
Side bend Abs: 3x10 each side
Standing Abs: 3x15

Monday night.

The following is posted for progression purposes only, as it Barely counts as training yet :sneezing_face:

1000 steps with 50lbs bag; Zercher carries, and Overhead hold/carries.

The End.

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Seat Hams: 3x20, hard flex with 5 sec. negatives.
Seat Leg press:
3x20, same as above; no lockouts+ pause at the bottom.
3x10-even slower negative/no lockouts/pause at the bottom.

Box SQ/parallels: 8x3 total.
G.M’s: 4x6@ 185

Seated shoulder press: 3x10
Curls + overhead Tri’s: 3x10+10


Tri’s + Facepulls: 3x10 each.

Inc. BE: 2x10@ 95/ 5x10@ 135; 3 sec. negative w/pause
Flat DB’s: 2x8@ 40, 60’s/ 3x8@ 80’s w/pause
Decline: 5x12@ 135; 3 sec. negative w/pause.

Cable pushdowns: 4x10
Overhead rope ext.: 3x10/ 30 reps drop to finish
All very controlled, hard lockout reps.

Past 3 days= single digit/below zero cold and no gym time.
Definitely had plenty to eat.


Lying hams and back raise: 3x15 each.

SQ/comp. stance: 4x3/ 4x2
Box +4: 1@ 315, 65, 85, 405, 425

G.M’s: 2x5@ 135, 225
1 leg press: 3x10 each, 5 second negatives.
Standing Abs: 3x15

Bi’s + Tri’s: 3x10+10.



Misc. pulldowns and Tri’s: 8x25

Hammer Bench: 6x6/ 2x6@ 225, 3 sec. negative + hard drive up.
Decline BE: 3x10@ 155, same as above.
Nautilus shoulder press: 5x10, hard drive up.

Bent calf: 6x5, cluster set/heavy.
Wide pulldowns: 3x10, slow negative + stretch at the top.

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