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Back...Into the Deep End


Lower pumping: 8x25

SQ/ paused: 5x5/ 3x3
Touch and go, to box, close stance: 2x5@ 225 and 275
Same box, slow eccentric, touch and pause: 5x5@ 225

Seat leg press: 3x25, hard, controlled reps, constant tension.

Broke out it a hard sweet on the L.P. sets; Quads pumped.

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Upper warms: 8x25
Pec deck/ rear delt/ curl machine: 1x25 each.

Floor press:
2x12/ 6x3/ paused 1@ 245, 260, 270.

JM press: 2x6@ 135, 145, 135 again.

Merry Christmas

Thanks, got some ‘sympathy pie’ at work :+1:


Filing out my Christmas drawers…

Hip thrusters: 5x10/ 1x20
Close stance, BW squats, 6x20-after each set.

ABduct and ADduct machines; 3x20
1 leg press: 4x10 each
Seat/bent calf: 2x25

Hard flexing, constant tension, all the way.


DB’s arms/shoulder pumps: 2x50
Band stuff pumps: 3x25

OHP: 4x5
Push Jerks: 8x2 going up.
Push Jerk: 1@ 135, 45, 155, 175, 190lbs.

Seat DB press: 15@ 30, 50, 60’s
–superset with–
DB curls: 3x10@ 30’s

It’s been 2 months plus, since I’ve tried P-Jerks; not smooth, but I locked it out.

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Crashed after work last night= no training.

Looks like 4 days off in a row for me, then back to it…not bad really.

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Lower (mostly) + 12mins. Cardio (?)

Lower warms: 8x25/ Upper=4x15

ABduct + ADduct machines: alternated 15’s= 3x15 each
Seat leg press + Hams: same as above.
Calf: 5x5 heavy + 50 hops between each set; non-stop.
Bike= 6mins.

1 leg/seat press: alternated 10’s= 3x10 each.
Swiss ball glute + back raise: same as above.
Lying hams: 3x10, pretty hard.
Bike=6 mins.
Standing Abs: 2x25


DB press, Bi’s and Tri’s: 3x30
Low Incline w/bench block=3 board: 4x6/ 4x6@ 185 paused.
Close grip, to chest: 3x10@ 135

Standing cable fly: 3x15
Cable Tri’s: 2x25


Lower/Back/Abs: 10x25

Rack pulls/4" below knee:
9x3/ 3x1/ 1@ 365, 405, 435.

Straps= 3@ 315, 365, 405

Power shrug from rack:
5@ 225, 275
3@ 315, 275, 275

Face pulls: 3x15

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Cable arms + Face pulls: 3x15 each.
DB arms and pressing: 1x50

Flat DB’s 6x15
Standing cable chest/ mid to high: 5x10.
Close grip bench: 6x6@ 135, 30 sec. rest
Seat dip machine: 3x10
Standing overhead cable Tri’s: 2x25.

Lots of hard pump work, hard flexing and controlled reps.


2 rounds of 25 each, non-stop:
ADuct, ABduct, Back extensions, Seat leg press.

12x3, warm-ups into speed sets.
8x1@ 315, pulling every 30 sec.

G.M’s: 4x8
Hanging leg: 3x10
Standing cable crunch: 3x10

I’ve been trying to do more of this kind of training. The slower, controlled reps with lighter weight and higher reps. Easier on the joints.

I just wanted to jump in to say I was going back through your log and really like the look of your training. I’ll definitely be checking it out regularly.

NHL- I like the slower eccentrics sometimes, with a hard squeeze/pause at the ‘bottom’…then a driving concentric. And yes, It is a bit of a break for sure.

Tougher- Thanks, I often follow the “just keeping things moving, one way or another” plan :+1:


OHP, high pulls, curls: many sets of 10 @ empty Oly bar.
DB Bench + Tri’s: 1x50

DB seated: 2x15/ 2x10, slow and controlled
High pulls: 12x3/ 4x3@ 135
–face pulls/ pull aparts mixed in throughout.

Doesn’t read like much, but pumped up my shoulders/traps/arms pretty good.

Mon 1/11

Standing/single hams: 5x10 each, alternated.

Squat: 6x3/ 4x2, warm-ups + speed sets/ paused 2x1@ 315.
Parallel box: 3@ 275, 315/ 2x1@ 365
Close stance: 2x3@ 315

G.Mornings: 2x5@ 135, 225/ 2x3@ 275

Squat form, not great.

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Went right to a power rack, for Floor Press ect…

Misc. press + Tri’s extensions: 5x5-10 each.
Floor press: 6x6 going up.
Speed/ cluster sets: 3x3@ 225, 205…6x3@ 185. Trying to hit it every 30 secs.

High to low cables: 5x15, very hard squeezing.

DB’s circuit style. 4x10 or 15 each, all with 30’s, going at 10-15 sec. rest
**Seated overhead press
**Standing curls
**Seat overhead/Tate-kinda press
If all that makes any sense(?), super pumped up shoulder, arms, upper-everything :muscle:

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Quad focused pumping power (?)

Single leg-press: alternating 10reps, non-stop= 100 reps each side.
Walking lunge, short stride= 100 steps

Tabata- ish, on spin bike: 10sec. hard + 20 sec. cruise= 6mins.
Pretty ‘light’ version, but still…no joke.

Standing crunch + Tri’s: 3x10+10
Kneeling crunch + Bi’s: 3x10+10

Leg Press: 5x15
Hanging leg: 5x5

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Pec deck + Reverse fly: super sets: 1x25 each/ 3x15 each.

Decline (slight) DB’s: 2x15/ 2x9/ 2x6@ 70’s/ 6x6@ 80’s EMOM:
lower…pause…punch threw the ceiling; every rep

High Incline DB’s: 30@ 30’s/ 20@ 50’s
Tate press, same incline: 2x10
Reverse/peck deck: 3x15
Face pulls: 1x50

Sweet upper pumps Bro.