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Back...Into the Deep End

I’m counting on it Cripp, just being a little smarter about it this time :+1:

Extensions + Ham curls: 1x50+50

SQ and G.M’s: many sets of 5, misc. stance…warming up.

Squats: 5 sec. eccentric + pause in the hole.
2x5@ 135, 185, 225.

SQ to 1/2 pin: 225, 275, 315.
SQ to top 1/3 pin: 315, 365, 405, 425

G.M.'s: 3x10@ 135


Cable pec/fly stuff: 4x15
Bi’s and Tri’s activate stuff: 4x10 each.

Inc. BE: 3x6@ 95, 115/ 6@ 135, 155, 175. Slow eccen. + hard squeeze and pause.

Top 1/2 pin press:
3x5/ 2x3
1@ 255, 85, 95, 305
Cluster= 5@ 275

Low inc. DB’s: 4x10, paused stretch + hard flex on top.



Bi’s/ Tri’s/ Face pull pumps: 1x100, cable.
Shoulder and arms pumps: 1x70, DB’s.

Dip machine: 2x20/ 3x15
Inc. DB curls: 3x15, hard stretch between.
Pushdowns: 3x15
Seat high rows: 3x15
1 arm pulldowns: 3x15, alternating.
Standing crunch: 3x15

Sweet pumps Bro.

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Seat leg press, ABduct and ADduct machines, Lying hams: 1 x75 for each.

V-SQ machine: 5x10, paused in the hole/ 2x20, hard drop sets.
Leg Extensions: 2x10

Lots of hard squeeze/pauses done with the last 2 moves.

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Upper warms: 8x25

DB’s with band: 3x15 @ 30’s/ 2x15@ 40’s
Flat BE: 6x3/ 3x1/ 3x10 wide, to throat.
Decline DB’s: 3x10@ 60’s.
Rolling Tri’s: 2x20 @ 30’s



Calf stuff: 1x 20, 10, 10
-alternating with,
Seat leg press: 1x30, 20, 20. Slow eccen., pause/stretch at bottom

Glute/back raise combo: 3x30

Crunch combo: 2x40

Hack SQ: 3x20. Slow, pausing, squeeze/flexing…

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Upper warms: 12x10, misc. stuff, non-stop.

Inc. press+ shrugs+ curls: 2x15+10+10 @ 30’s, super pumps.

High Inc. press: 3x15@ 50’s
OHP: 2x6/ 2x3/ 2x2.
Push/jerk: 1@ 135, 45, 55, 65, 175.
Speed sets- 6x3@ 135, 30 sec. rest.

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Box SQ @ parallel:
Many x3/ 1@ 315, 335,

Box +4": 1@ 315, 345, 375, 2x1@ 405
3@ 315, 165, 405

Close stance, box+4": 3x6@ 315, slow and tough.

Standing Abs: 1x50


Warms: 6x15
Flat DB’s: 5x15.

Floor press:
3x5/ 5x3 up to 245

Close grip: 2x6@ 225

Arnold press: 3x10
DB cleans: 3x10

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Hard lower pumping stuff.

Seat Hams, ABduct, ADduct, seat leg press: 2x20 for all, slow eccentrics with hard flexing.

Hack SQ: 2x20: same as above, Oh the burn.

Bent/ Calf raise: 3x10@ 225, with 50 ‘jumping rope’ hops in between sets…

Seat leg press: 2x15, slower reps, with hard flexing…

Holy smokes…


Ha, good stuff.

Sure was.
Deep burn for the arms, coming up…

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Misc. cable pumps: 8x10 non-stop
Pec/cable fly: 3x10, a hard squeezing burn…
Misc. floor press/DB’s: 1x50 @ 30’s
Rolling Tri’s: 3x15@ 30’s
Incline BE: 3x10 @ 135, slow w/pauses.
DB pullover + overhead tri’s ext.: 2x15+15@ 30, 40.
Bi’s and Tri’s giant pumping-burning set: 1x50@ 25’s

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Pumped up lower: 8x20
Speed pulls/ Sumo w/band:
Many sets warm ups/ 3x2 clusters @ 225, 275, 315

Deficits @ 3ish": 3x3@ 225

Abs and Low back: 2x25 each

DB’s-high pulls, Bi’s and Tri’s: 3 rounds, 15 @ 25’s.

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Leg extensions: 1x 75, serious pumping.
Leg Press+ calf: 1x75, same…

Seat chest cables: 3x15, very hard flex and stretching.
Standing cables, Flys+Tri’s+Bi’s, hard flexing again.
Flat DB’s: 3x10/ Drop= 8@80’s-8@60- 10@ 40’s. Pretty much done after all that.

Cable Abs + Tri’s: 3x15+10
Hanging knee: 3x10


This is the bag I use.


I’m 53 today…who would’a guessed.

**A couple years back= Titan/Toro Belt.
**Last year= Addidas PowerLift 2 shoes (something like that)

This year…?? A bag (like the above) is tempting, but something fun and heavy duty for sure.

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Well happy birthday. I became a believer in sandbag work.

Thanks Cripp. I have no other options/space/equipment for training at home. Bags, stones, logs, hiding in a corner of my yard is about it.

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