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Back...Into the Deep End


Cable chest: 3x15
Same, Pec/Bi’s/Tri’s activate: 4x6 each.

DB Bi’s + Tri’s: 3x15 + 15
Laterals + Bi’s and Tri’s: 50 reps, mixed together.

Top 1/2-pin press:
3x5/ 6x3/ 1@ 225, 45, 65, 285

Floor press: 3x6@ 225.

A little ass-backwards…all the reps/volume before heavy stuff, but it all worked out.

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Seat leg press+ extensions: 1x100
Banded back raise: 1x50

SQ/ full: 3x10@ 135/ 2x10@ 185
Paused, in the hole: 2x5/ 4x3/ 1@ 275, 315, 335.
Box + 2": 1@ 315 365, 405/ 1x10@ 315

Back extensions: 1x50
ADduct machine: 5x10
Seat calf: 1x50
ABduct machine: 5x10.


Arms + shoulder pumps: 2x50
Cable pec. fly: 4x15
Hammer decline machine: 6x6
Rear delt machine: 1x50
OHP: 2x10/ 5x5/ 3x10 @ 95, quick reps


Misc: 10x10…then right to some Rack Pulls; going for Max Effort.

Rack, 3" or so below knee: many sets going up.

1@ 405, 455…so much for my grip today.

Ascending Cluster sets: rest only to add weights…
2 waves of 365, 405, 455
2 waves of 365, 405, 455, 475

Bent rows: 2x25@ 135, short grip re-sets.

2 circuit of 25 each: Swiss ball Abs, back raise, rev. hypers


Misc., 8x25
DB press, with band: 6x15

Med. Incline BE: 2x6@ 135, 155/ 4x3@ 185.
Low Inc.: 6@ 135, 155/ 4x3@ 185
Wide grip 3x10@ 135

DB’s, high incline: 15@ 30, 40, 50’s/ Flies- 20@ 20’s
Pulldowns: 3x15
Seat rows: 2x25.


Zercher carry @ 50lbs bag=1x 200 steps
Overhead @ 50# = 1x 100.
Zercher @ 100#, 2x50 steps
Single shoulder carry @ 50lbs. bag, switching every 75 steps=1x 600.
Bear hug @ 100lbs bag = 2x50 steps.
Double shoulder @ 50lbs each= 1x100

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Lower; 6x25 circuit.
Sets of SQ and G.M’s to warm up.

Box SQ +2":
6-8x 2 working up.
1@ 345, 375, 405, 425
1x3@ 405

Close stance/ heal raised: 6@ 225, 275, 315, 335

1 circuit of 25 each:
–Rev. hyper
–Back raise
–Seat leg press
–ADduct machine
–Standing Abs.

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Misc. upper warms: 6x25.
Cable pec stuff: 5x15.

Floor press: many sets, up to 1@ 225, 240, 255. Dam, not much going on here.
Same, with close grip: 4x3@ 225.

J.M press: 6x6@ 115
Flat DB press: 3x15@ 50’s
Pulldowns: 3x10
Seat face pulls: 3x15

Max effort floor press was Way off…the rest was fine; pushed it all pretty hard.

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Chicago pumping party X2.

Monster GArage gym today. Used a real rev. hyper and SQ with a Elite Yoke bar. Felt pretty good.
Over-eating and under training for…5 days so far; 3 days to go.

A little hard pumping, to get going again.

Abs, back raise, rev. hypers: 2x25
Hams: 1x30/ 3x10
Seat leg press: 1x50
ABduct and ADduct machines: 3x15
Cable chest: 1x50
SQ: 3x10/ 5x5/ 3x3


Upper body/ pushing, pulling and pumping…stuff.

Another gym restriction/shutdown? coming today; we shall see what happens.


Misc. warms: 10x10

Sumo pulls/ banded:
6x6/ 6x3’s.
3x3@ 405

RDL’s: 3x6@ 315
CAble Bi’s and Tri’s: 4x10
Standing Abs: 2x20


Arms and shoulder pumps: 2x40

Incline DB’s: 2x15@ 30, 40, 50’s; strict, hard squeeze.
Rear delt pumps: 2x30

Flat BE: 4x6/ 4x3 to 225/ 2x10@ 135.
Upper back rows: 2x25
V-bar: 1x50

Bi’s and Tri’s: 4x15’s each.

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Quads pump: 1x100
Hams: 1x50
Abs+ low back: 2x 20+20

SQ, close stance, raised heel:
2x10/ 6x6/ 2x6@ 225

Normal stance, parallel box:
6x3/ 6x1@ 365, emom.

Swiss Crunch+ rev. hyper+ back raise: 2x20’s
Cable Bi’s +Tri’s: 3x10+10


Misc. 10x15

Power shrugs + high pulls: 6x3+3
High pulls: 3x3/ 3x5
Rear delt machine: 3x15/ 1x30
Misc. back/glute raise: 1x50
Standing Hams: 3x20 each
Seat Tri’s machine: 1x50.