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Back...Into the Deep End

Sunday/9/6: Backyard Strongman stuff.

Misc. rows, stone stuff, Abs and whatever, for warm-ups.

5 circuits, 2 mins. of work for each

  • 1 tire flip @ 600lbs.
  • 6 stone to shoulder @ 75lbs.
  • 5 Pendlay rows @ 135lbs.
  • Farmer carries 150’ @ 110lbs per side.

The numbers look small typed out like that, AND…2 mins. seems like a long time…but it wasn’t. We kept things moving, and pushed to the 2 minute mark to finish every round.
Good stuff. Bumping up the weights next time.

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Warms= 8x20

Floor press:
Speed sets: 6x3
Normal sets, 6x3 up to 225.
1@ 245, 55, 265, 75, 285.

Low pin/close grip: 3x6@ 225

Low flys + Tate press: 2x15+15 @ 30’s

90 mins went by quick.

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Wednesday, crazy pump day.

Standing single Hams: Alternated 10’s to 40 each, then 5’s to 20 each.
Leg extensions: Same as above
Seat leg press: 2x20, terribly slow reps.

High pulls and OHP’s: alternated 10’s to 100 reps total; no breaks. 30lbs Thera-bar.

Seat Hammer row: 1x50/ 2x25/ 3x10/ 5x5, quick break to change grip.
ABduct and ADduct machines: 1x20/ 6x5, 5 sec. in between sets.
Back extensions and GHR: alternating 10’s for 1x50.

Swiss ball, 50 of each, 1 giant set.
Back raise, Crunch, Rev. hypers.

Hard grinding for about 75 mins.

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High incline/ regular grip: 2x15/ 6x3/ 3x3@ 195, hard pause at bottom.
Med. incline/close grip/ med. pin: 2x3/ 3@ 225, 275
Low incline/ close grip/ high pin: 3@ 225, 275, 315

Same pins, just kept lowering the angle.

Rolling Tri’s: 20 @ 20’s and 30’s.
20 @ 40’s, then sets of 5 until 50 reps total, very quick breaks.

Sunday: no strongman stuff today.

2x25 for all: back raise, rev. hyper, abs, ghr.

Wide stance/parallel box SQ:
8x3/ 1@ 265, 285, 315

Wide @ parallel +4": 1@ 275, 315, 365, 385

G.M.'s: 3x5@ 225
Rev. hypers: 3x25

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Tues/9/15. PumpTastic night, again.

Multi-Shoulder cable mach.: 2x50
Same kind for Chest…machine: 2x50
Overhead Tri’s machine: 2x20/ 3x10
Dip machine + pushdowns on pad: 3x10+10
Low inc. DB’s: 3x10

Hang power shrugs + high pulls:
–6x3+3@ 95
–3x2+2@ 135
–3x 2+1@ 155
pulls from the floor: 6x1@ 155



Lying hams: 3x20 with 30 sec. rest.
ABduct: same as above
ADduct: Same
Seat leg press: Same.
-all above reps with 5 sec. eccentrics; every dam one.

Wanted to Sq or heavy leg press, but none open…

Misc. standing Abs: 3x15/ 3x5, hard.
Shrug machine: 5x10/ 5x5 cluster
Squats: 3x5@ 135, 225; slow eccentric and paused.
Hanging leg + dead hangs: 3x5 + a little bit.

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Friday-Press Day.

Back raise: 1x30
Abs + face pulls: 3x10+10
Standing cable flys: 5x15.
Floor/DB press: 3x25.
Dip machine: 5x10, slow decent, pause and stretch.

A rack opened up, so I finished with-
Floor press: 4x3/ 2x1/ 1@ 245, 265: 5 rep cluster @ 255.
OHP: 5x5, working up a little.

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Misc. RDL, rows, pulls: many X 3@ 135.

Rack pulls, below knee:
Many X 3, working up w/various grips.
1@ 365, 405, 445, 475, 505. Singles with mixed grip.

Sumo pulls: 3x6@ 315
Bent rows: 3x15@ 135

That is all.

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Low incline BE: 5x5
Banded Tri’s: 3x25
Face pulls: 3x25

Low Incline from pins @ 2 board height: 3x3/ 1@ 225/ miss @ 245/ hit 225. Just hit the wall on the 245…for no good reason.

Flat BE from pins @ top 1/2: 3x5@ 225

1 arm DB row: 2x5@ 90/ 1x10 @ 110/ Alternate 5’s @ 100lbs= 50reps each; switching pretty quick

Rolling Tri’s: 4x10@ 30’s
Standing curl and press: 1x25 @ 30’s…Holy arm pumps.

Crashed on the benching tonight; time to work in OHP as a ‘break’.

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Standing single hams: alternated 10’s to 50 each, one giant set.
Leg Press: 5x 30 or more reps…pumping, pauseing, flexing…

Squat/ full: 3x5
From pins @ 1/2Sq: 3x3/ 2x1@ 275/ 1@ 315, 365, 385, 405.

Good M’s to high pins: 3@ 225, 275, 295, 315

Pulldowns: 5x10
Cable Abs: 5x10

Sat/9/26: 60 mins. Pump Party.

Hoist brand; seated leg press/ ABduction and ADduction machines: 2x15 each.
Leg extenstions: 3x20
GHR and back raise: 1x50 mixed together.

Leg Press: 3x30
ABduct and ADduct machines: 4x6 hard, 1x20 hard pumping.

Misc. abs and face pulls: 4 sets of each.

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Smith machine/ very high Inc.:
3x15/ 4x6/ 3x6@ 155 Tempo=5110, for all 6’s.
Abs and Tri’s, mixed in for warm-ups.

Mid Inc. DB’s: 2x15/ 6@ 60, 70, 80’s: T=3110
Cable high fly: 4x15
Double Bi’s cable curls: 2x15
Cable overhead Tri’s: 2x15
Face pulls: 2x15