Back Into Lifting - Low Testosterone

So long story short I was using PED’s up until September last year where I blew a hernia and came off. Six months later and no lifting my hernia is fixed but I have decided to get back into lifting without the aid of PED’s, Mrs. is uncomfortable with it and I would rather stop, also the drug tested feds are better. As a result of constant gear use my HPTA is having a hard time recovering and I am seeing an endocrinologist about TRT, this should happen in a few months, for now my last blood test showed a testosterone reading of 2.1nmol/l, for those unaware, this is dead low.

Despite the low test I am smashing the weights every week still and progressing, albeit at a slower rate. Current squat, bench and deadlift are 160/105/180 after a month and a half back into it. I am starting this log mostly so people can understand what is achievable on low testosterone in the weight room. I am currently sitting at 95kg, couldn’t give a flying duck about BF% and my training is very minimalist, the powerlifts and variations only except for rows, lateral and rear deltoid work.

Recovery is hard but that is not stopping me. First session I have to log from a few hours ago:


127kgX6X3 RPE9 @80%

Pause Squat
110kgX6X3 RPE9 @70%

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Today’s session, Bench:

Bench Press
85kgX4X4 RPE8 @80%

Spoto Press
80kgX4X4 RPE7.5 @75%

Dumbbell rows
Lateral raise

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