Back Into It, But Wiser

Hey guys, was a moderate gym rat in highschool. Was 6’3 220 at graduation. Around 12% body fat. My program was a basic football oriented one that focused bench, hang clean and the like. I since the. Developed the rounded shoulders look and curved back.

I’m currently 260pounds and eating healthy again, trying to slim back down to 235 gradually, eating around 2800 calories a day. Right Marcos. But as far on advice for what kind of lifting program to use, reps, sets, heavy vs volume, things to lookout for and focus on id like advice. Anything and everything is appreciated. But I’d like to hear from the taller guys out there since our height effects things like bench and squat.

[quote]Bigredone wrote:
I’m currently 260pounds and eating healthy again, trying to slim back down to 235 gradually, eating around 2800 calories a day. Right Marcos.[/quote]
Just make sure you’re not glossing over or underemphasizing the nutrition side of things, because that’s the make or break factor with fat loss.

For a guy your size who’s going to be training hard several days per week, you might find 2800 to actually be on the low end of things. Make sure you track progress often and make adjustments as needed.

Pretty much any program on the site should be fine. Something that has you lifting 3-5 days and doing 2-4 cardio sessions per week. General template that a lot of effective plans will fit into.

For the cardio stuff, I’d either go with simple walking (either outside or on an inclined treadmill) or short-duration/higher intensity stuff. For the lifting, Wendler’s 5/3/1 is a super-popular and versatile template. Chad Waterbury also has a ton of great stuff. But again, there are a bunch of solid programs around. Anything that’s goal-appropriate and not stupidly-designed should be fine.

These tips might be useful:

Only real issue for taller people is that they tend to prefer front squats to back squats.

Otherwise, pick a sensible program that you have some level of confidence in, whether because it looks enjoyable to you and/or because others recommend it, and just consistently run it for a year or so. 5/3/1, 5x5, KingofBeef’s body part split on these boards, whatever. People have different opinions about different programs. Just pick one and stick with it.

Just lift man. Stop putting labels on shit.

“We are tall so our bench and squat is affected”???

Try different grips (from inside the ring to outside the ring), elbows flared out or tucked in, Shoulder blades tucked in or flat. Just find something that works for you. For the longest time (after my last injury) all I could do was floor press and ring presses.

I also don’t back squat anymore. Front squats and dead squats. My back has never been happier.