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Back Into It After a Few Months Break


Hi everyone,

for the past 6 months I was not able to access a gym on a regular basis so just did a bit of bodyweight work to at least do something.. I am almost 26, 1.75cm and 82kg.. about the same bf% as my last hub picture.

Well I would like advices to see if my plan in sound and maybe have a few tips to improve it, that would be really useful.


I thought about starting on full body again.. Started at 3 sessions a week and want to up it to 4-5 over the next few months.

The session look like that.

A) Bench press, db rows, squats, french press, db curls. 4x10reps after warp up for everything.
B) Military press, DL, chins (neutral grip), lateral raises, reverse flies, back extentsion.
C) Squats, bench press, db rows, incline press, cable rows, triceps with the rope, some sort of curl.
D) DL, military press, pull-ups (not at 4x10 yet but going for numbers in the meantime), chin ups (palm facing me).

I just go A to D then start from A again.

Im at around 3000-3400kcal, not been very meticulous im afraid. With my carbs pre and post training. I meal 2 hours before, one an hour after, and a shake (whey+dextrose i sip before/ during my workout).

It would be great if u could tell me your thoughts on my training schedule, if it seems ok.
Cheers guys.


It would help to know what your goals are. Not just general ideas, either (everyone wants to get bigger and stronger while shedding bodyfat). For example, I want to weigh 230lbs @ <17%bf by Jan 1st. Your path will become clear when you choose a specific destination.


Thanks, well in the medium/long term I would like to gain some quality weight while getting stronger obviously. An extra 10kg for 15-17%bf wud be great (not an extra 15-17% lol)

But as I am just hitting the weights again I thoughtthat for the first month at least I should not do anything too fancy (too much cardio and/or too much food). I will then re-asses to see whtat adjustments I shud do.


Is your priority strength or size? If it's strength, go with a powerlifting program. Lifting heavy with the same muscles multiple times a week is going to be counterproductive.

If you're going more for size, I'd recommend a bodybuilding split. If you know that you gain muscle better by training each muscle more than once a week, then run a 3-day split twice a week. You can even just rotate through a three-day if you're training four or five days a week.


Well, right now.. my strength is shit. I want my lifts to go back to what they used to be.

And thought a BB split and/or lifting too heavy (<5 reps) would be counterproductive/overkill right now (as I haven't touched much weight lately), thus the fullbody routine (3 times a week at the moment).

Thanks for the advice, it will probably be smarter to have a clear plan.

edit: and cheers for the bar+wheels idea.. saw that while browsing the forum earlier.


All you have to do is reduce the weight and volume of whatever plan you choose and gradually increase it as your work capacity improves. No need to start with a drastically different plan. There's nothing technically wrong with using a full body routine until you get up and running, but I've always preferred a simpler approach. Figuring out a whole new routine is too much brain work for me.

Thanks for the kudos.


Cheers for your time mate :slightly_smiling: