Back Into Football Shape

I got 9 months and I have my mind set on playing college again. I’m a year removed from playing football. A blown out elbow halted my career. It’s healed and ready to go again. I’m going to attack this all out and give it everything I have so there are no regrets come August. My usual playing weight is around 225-235 right now im sitting at 204. So for a couple of months I’m going to try and gain back some size and get back in decent cardio shape.

My Workout will look something like this.

Sun - Chest
Mon - Back
Tues Shoulders
Wed Arms
Thurs Legs
Fri Back

Those arent the particualr days they will be on but a general idea of where they may fall. The second back workout is optional and every 2 weeks will be a second leg workout.

Cardio Will be around 4-5 days a week. Trying to reach 10 miles in a week before I start doin any speed training.

I have been back in the gym for a month just messing around getting a feel for weights and stuff again.

Sun -

Bench Press

225x1 260x7 - felt good left some in the tank elbow still not 100%

Incline db 90 1x6 - to heavy bad form getting nothing out of it
80 2x8 felt good

Incline Chest Machine 160 3x10 - trying to find a third exercise for chest my upper chest is a weak point so I played around with a few diffrent things before I fell on this but still havnt decided on it yet

Good workout hope to hit 275x5 next week on bench and 3x8 on dumbells

Am Back Workout


did some Warm up Sets then went on for

left some in the tank still trying to get back in the swing of things next week im gonna try and hit 365 for 3 or 4

Assited Pullup Machine
40 pounds 3x8

T bar row machine
3x8 25 pound plate
1x8 45 pound plate

going to hit some rows from all angles on the pm back workout

My shoulders were a little sore for my pm back workout when i got to the gym so i just did a set of barbell rows with 135 and my shoulders were still sore so i didnt push it and i went back home.


Milltary Press
few warm up sets
175x5 real hard going to stay with that weight for next week

db press
3x8 70 the last 2 on set number 3 were killers but i got through it

front plate raises
25 3x8

side laterlas
3x10 20

overall good workout am planning on taking a day off tommorw my bodys hurting and a day off would do me some good

I had been busy and had not had my log book near me during my off day so i never got a chance to write it down here.


Close Grip bench 250 1x5
2 hand db extension 85 3x8
Dips - tried twitch reps just like in thibs video
BB curl - like in thibs video
db curl 3x8 25

Then I had a workout today.

Bench Press 275 1x5
db incline 80 3x10
dips twitch reps


Assited Pullups
1x8 1x6 25 pounds assitant
1x6 40

bent bb rows 135 2x8
145 2x8

db rows 3x8 40
t rows 3x6 45 plate

cable chest press 3x8 40
forearm bb curls 3x8
reverse curls 3x8 30


milltary press
175 1x6

db press 2x8 70
1x10 70
shoulder plate raises 3x8 25 pound plate


close grip bench 250 1x8
lying tri extensions 3x8 40
twitch reps dips


the bicep part of ct’s workout i like the twitch reps
i have been using them for my dips and they have been working awesome

regualr db curls 3x10 (used this instead of slammin a bb in the powerrack)
the ones where he drops the weight 40 pounds 3x8
twitch rep preacher curl 15 on each side
then some forearm stuff


Bench Press 1x7 280

last week i came out of position a little and only got 275 for 5 and i felt weak going into the gym today but i decided i felt strong in my last warmup so i threw on 280. ended up feeling light and i just went for it.

db incline 3x8 85

twitch rep dips

forearm stuff


pullups 2x8 25 assitance pounds 1x6 25
db rows 3x10 40
t-bar chest suppourted rows 50 pounds little heavy
lat pulls 3x8 85
some ab stuff

military Press
185 1x5
db press 1x8 70 2x10 70

wasn’t feeling it today cut it off early

I weigh 210 right now in the morning when i wake up

I was around 18.3% bodyfat i used one of those elctronic handheld bodyfat things

I wanna try and get down a little lower towards 15 and I would be happy but no rush at all right now


close grip bench 275 1x4 my second rep ussually throws me out of the grove I have been trying to move the weight quickly like ct has been saying and I throw myself out of the grove sometimess

2 hand tri extensions 3x8 85
dips 3x8 25 extra pounds of weight

some regualr old forearm stuff

Where are you trying to play? College and position

Where are you trying to play? College and position

im looking towards casleton state in Vermont

im trying to play linebacker hopefully well see what happens

my back and my hips are starting to hurt as well. My lack of core training and sitting at a desk all day is going to force me to get my leg days going and force me to do some core work. I’m also going to have to throw in shoulder saving techniques because my shouler is acting up after my workout today.

Bench Press 315 1x3 very heavy but I got it for three so I was happy.
Incline smith machine i used cluster reps and went

235 3x2 cluster reps
250 3x2 cluster reps this is what hurt my shoulder. I took some ibprofen hopefully to take the swelling down. I’m going to have to do some research and take care of these injuries.
Twitch Rep dips

Core Work
Boso ball pushups with feet on medicne ball 3x5 first times ive ever used one of those things pretty tough

med ball wall throws 3x8

dumbell lunge and press 2x8 10

cable push pull 2x10 both sides

I’ve decided I need a deload week from here on out. I need to take some pressure of my shoulder so im going to go light this deload with around the same volume maybe a tad less.

my shoulder was killing me today I had pain and clicking moving my arm upwards in an incline bench motion. I was constantly stretching it out all day using all the stretches in the shoulder savers article. I also did dc shoulder saver over at intense muscle twice today it’s starting to feel better. I’m going to do legs tomorrow an see how it feels.

shoulder still a little sore but I went ahead with my leg day.

squat 225 3x5 gotta start somewhere to get back to my old strength
1 leg deads 3x8 30
1 leg squats 2x8 20
lunge and press 2x8 20
cable split stance push 2x8 25
med ball pushups 3x9

took the whole week off because of some shoulder soreness I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow


Flat bench 315x3 going to switch it up and come away from this excerises for a week

db press 95 3x10
twitch rep dips
reverse pullups 2x6

assisted regualr grip pull ups 55 3x6
bb rows 3x8 155
rope lat pulls 115 3x10
rope bent over machine rows 2x8 70
another excerise but I can never rember the name