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Back Injury

After straining my lower back doing powercleans i ended up getting X-Rayed per my PT’s recomendation. Learned that I had “extreme” degeneration of the L4-L5 and L5-S1 disks due to genetics, heavy lifitng for 15 + years, and 20+ years of sports.

So I almost started crying when i was told I couldn’t do anymore O-lifting, deadlifting, overhead presses or squats, and that I should focus on machine work unles I want to end up with a spinal fusion.

Yeah, I can admit I almost cried over that. Machines? Sniff…

Does anyone else suffer from this type of back problem, and how have you overcome it?


Welcome to the club, there have been alot of post on this, especially recently. Reverse Hypers should be a staple. There are hundreds of exercises only limited to your desire to find them. GHR, one-leg DL, one-leg good mornings, one-leg back extensions, single leg squats, the list goes on. I recommend reading Louie Simmons’ “Training the Back” article on the elite website and to check out Ian King’s Limping phase 1 on this site for more ideas. Good luck

You don’t have to give up. Proper stretching and strengthening should help greatly. Find a good ART guy or gal. If you need more info pm me, I’ll give you my office number. I think they’re wrong from what you wrote.

Its good to know that my iron days aren’t over. My doctor made it seem like any heavy weight on the spine was going to send me to an early surgery.

Thanks for the replies.

Weapon I have been diagnosed with the beginning degeneration. The chiro has said I should be able to get back into heavy lifting at some stage, but I need to make sure that I work on flexibility and abdominal and lower back strength and endurance.

It sounds if it isn’t so much the lifting it is not working on the above that is going to cause the majority of problems.

Good luck

Darren A