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Back Injury?

ok so iv had back pain for past 3 weeks have not squatted or deadlifted and worked around it . the last couple days before friday it got worse. so i went to a chiro and they did and xray and told me i have too much anterior curve in my lumbar region nothing major and they would fix it with allighnment /stretching exercises ect. anyways so i went to the gym friday night did really light workout got through about half when i went to do cable rows with just 100 i usually do the whole stack so not heavy at all.

i get to the third set and while imd oing it i feel a popping sensation and right after that i know thats the ned of the workout and have to lay down in the smith machine. i use the sides to pull my self up manage to get my gym bag and walk tot he front desk where i get stuck leaning on the desk and not being able to stand fully up. I end up having to lay on the ground for like an hour and finally have someone help me up and get to my car . Iv been in bed for the past 3 days and when i walk my torso upper body is crooked and leaning forward and to the right?also seems like the pain was more on my left side and back but mostly lower back . i get pain and with certain twists it feels like my back is just going to go out and i have no support?

anyways its gotten a little better today was able to walk around but still have that like giving out feeling in certain positions

i went to the Urgent care basically waste of time just scripted me some motrin painkillers and took an xray even thought an xray isnt going to show a muscle tear or disc issue

Anyways does any one have any idea what this could be any experience tips ect

when can i get back into the gym
squat deadlift?

If I hurt my back, I usually do salts bath then roll on the lower back. I go foam roller, rumble roller,lacrosse ball depending on how sore.

My back issues nearly always link to glutes so I do those as well.

I then try increase mobility in all impacted areas.

When you get back into it start light. As in weight you’re embarrassed to lift and slowly build up. Any discomfort and call it off. The only thing worse than taking a month to get back to where you were is sitting it out for 8 weeks.

So be patient