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Back Injury

I was wondering if anyone has any good places to go for more info on back injuries. I was squatting about 6 months ago, in a damn college gym, I think half the people go to workout drunk, but back on topic, I was almost at bottom in a parallel squat with 225, and this guy walks by and bumps into the front of the bar, knockin me flat on my ass, and bringin the weight down across the top of my spine. Well, it hurt, bad, and I took some time off, went to a PT for a few weeks, and they were doing nothing for me that I could tell, their logic was sound, but the intensity wasn’t. So I tried a chiropractor, and it stopped the pain then, but it would come back in a few days. Well, then I decided I’d just try to rest it, so I took 6 months off of deadlifting and squatting, have been icing it down, and just doing leg press and walking lunges for my legs, and I tried tonight to deadlift again, since I wanted to try meltdown training, but I went in to warm up, put 135 on the bar for a few light pulls to get my line back, and on the first one, I got it about half way up my thighs, and I got the most hellish pain in my back, dropped me to a knee, so has anyone ever experienced anything like this, and if so, what did you do for treatment, and if it’s ART, do you know where you might be able to search to find a provider, because here in WV, well, we’re kinda behind the times a little bit, slowly catchin up, but chiropractors aren’t all that common, so ART would shock me, but I’m only 15 min from the PA border, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. Thanks again.

I don’t know about physio but have you tried front squats, they’re easier on the back.

I’m assuming that you’ve been checked out (xrays?) and know that there is no serious damage?
Box squats are a great alternative IMO.

I hope you contacted a good attorney–you should really have initiated action, and used the funded to pay for the finest rehab possible.

I haven’t tried the front squats yet, I thought about it, I just hate to lose my Deadlifts, I love to deadlift, it’s the most intense lift in the free world. I haven’t gone to get it x-rayed yet, just because I really don’t want to have to go to a doc, because for 4 years, all I’ve heard from my parents while training is that it was a waste of time, and I was going to do nothing but hurt myself. I had my bodyfat % drop 15 points since I started training, not ripped yet, but I don’t really have a desire to be either, I’m training from strongman comps. I just really don’t want to go in and tell them they were right about this, because lifting is that one thing that’s kinda put me over the top with confidence and focus and determination and everything, and I really don’t want to hear the I told you so’s if something is seriously wrong. Thanks for the replies though guys, but do you think maybe ART might help?

Wow dude, I woulda beat the FUCKING crap out of that guy.

Yes, do make sure that you don’t have bone or disc damage. If all is ok, then you should try Roman Back Extensions. Kinda like reverse sit ups. Most gyms have some sort of equipment to let you do these. Basically your stomach (actuall just below the stomach in the bend) will rest on a pad with body stretched straight out. If there is nothing to hold your legs in place get a partner to hold them. Now slowly extend your torso downward until your head almost touches the ground and slowly back upward. Make sure you get close to a 90 degree angle when you go down. Meaning your equipment will have to come off the ground at least above your waist. Start off without weight and work up to putting weight behind your head. This is the best lower back exercise that I’ve ever tried. Hurt my lower back when I was 22 on deadlifts. If you have a chiropractor that knows nimo, give it a try too. Nimo hurts like hell but speeds up healing time.

Give that guy a spine injury. If he’s got one.

Did you beat this cocksucker that bumped into your bar? If not, maybe you should think about it. Not that it will help your back at all, but you WILL feel better afterwards. Don’t know what else to tell you. Try doing a half hour of hamstring and lower back stretching and warming up before you try any more deads.

My advice would be to find the fucker that bumped into you and beat the fuck out of him. This sue his dumb ass for medical expenses. TK

Start doing reverse hypers, they work miricales for injured backs. Louie Simmions invented the reverse hyper have breaking his back. I also have a friend who broke his back after getting folded in half with a loaded bar, and for months all he did was reverse hypers, and he swears by effectiveness of it in helping his back.

I have had a similar situation with back pain. 6 months seems excessive for chronic back pain. Is the pain shooting into the back of the leg at all? I dealt with back pain for over a year, and then the pain increased into my leg. Ended up getting an MRI and finding out i had Herniated Discs. I had surgery and to this day feel great. Im not saying you have a disc problem but it would be worth it to goto a good Doctor to get it checked out with a few simple tests. Personally i get my best advice for strengthening my back from Paul Chek, He is the man for that. And as far as ART goes, i never had it done but It certainly would be worth a try. I dont know the ART homepage off hand but i had looked at it before, it gives a listing of all the local certified ART physicians.

The ART website is activerelease.com…it has a section where you type in your address to find a practitioner closest to you.Forget the other lifts til you get a professional to tell you exactly what’s wrong

I guess you can consider yourself lucky that you can still walk. And I assume you were not using a cage or a squat rack with the safty pins set. If you can’t do squats safely, don’t do them. Well - enough of that :).
Have a doctor check your back. There are a couple of things that can go wrong with your spine and you do want to make sure you’re o.k.
What exercise are concerned you can do the rev. hypers as mentioned, but I think DLs are also very good (it kind of depends also where your back hurts). In any way you want to start with very light weights, in case of DLs maybe only a bar or if that’s even too heavy just a broomstick. Concentrate on ‘feeling’ your back. Are there parts of the movement, where you feel insecure or even have some ‘block’? Try to get through the entire motion smoothly. If you can do that, up the weight a little but still stay far far away from anything that you would consider heavy until you feel secure. And don’t rush things. Give yourself time, a couple of weeks maybe. The goal of this exercise is to re-activate the muscles in your back by pumping blood thought them and stimulating neural response. It might improve your situation - but then again, depending on your injury, it might not.

Thanks again for the replies, I went ahead and scheduled an appt with student health here, to get x-rays tomorrow. And thanks for the solid advice on that last post GymJim. I never say the guy at the gym again, when it happened, he just kept walking, and hasn’t been back. We just built a new student rec center, but last year, things were sad here, I wasn’t in a squat rack or power rack, I got the weight off of the incline bench because we had no power rack, leg press, and only DB’s up to 40’s, so I thought it was a good way to go ahead and hit the legs. And it did work great for about 6 months. Then this happened. But I did schedule the appt, and if nothing is broken or torn, and I’ll find that out at 8 AM, then I don’t have a reverse hyper here, but I do have an extension station, so I want to try the extensions, and deadlift idea, but light. Well, thanks again.