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Back Injury - Squats and Deadlifts

I don’t know if anyone can help me with this one… I used the site-search to check articles but didn’t find one about this…

I have an injury I recieved doing stiff legged deadlifts with too much weight and bad form. Well, at the time I thought I had good form, but I have a “slipped disk” in my mid back now… and it causes me problems from time to time.

I want to start working out again, but I don’t want to use the machines… but I’m afraid for my spine, as well. To make matters worse, I don’t think I’ll find a chiropractor that would OK deadlifts even if I wasn’t injured… much less give me the ok to RESTART deadlifts now that I am.

If a guy has a back injury, should he avoid dead lifts and squats?

Is there a way to “ease in” to the exercises that helps with this problem?

I hate to limit myself to the machines when I go back.

any thoughts on this? all answers appreciated.

low weights.

I suffer from something similar, never got properly diagnosed, but I’m dealing with it. First thing is LAYOFF lower body when you have reinjured yourself. When your back has been feeling good for a week straight, start with LIGHT weights getting your body used to the movement again for several workouts and gradually increase the weight. Don’t go under ten reps with good form. My personal experience tells me that starting with deadlifts is less stressfull than starting back with squats, but your body will tell you.

Consider sleeping on the floor with a pillow between your legs. This may help. Joint mobility exercises are helpful. Kettlebell work(use dumbells if you don’t have them) can be great for rehabing your back, but can also make things worse if you overdo it, but try some light kb or dumbell swings. High reps(working up to them of course) with light to moderate weight will really help the strength-endurance of your lower back. More recent studies (according to my chiropractor) have shown that inujuries to the lower back are more because of lack of endurance int he lwoer back. I don’t know if that’s really true or not, but I know that building more lower back strength-endurance has helped me.

Disclaimer that I neglected in my previous post:

Follow the recommendations of your medical care provider.

There, now I don’t feel bad if you go throw your back out again deadlifting. I’ve done it to myself several times. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve Ruptured my L5 and had surgery to correct it. I have recently re-injured myself (not too bad) and it was squatting.

Here’s what I’ve done. I use 2 50 lb dumbells and do 1 legged squats. This uses only 1 leg w/ 100lbs (good for me and it’s harder than squats I think.) This way the weight is WAY less and I don’t re-injure myself. It kills the glutes too. Try it.