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Back Injury Miracle?


If anyone had seen my before and after post about a month ago you probably read that I tore my scapularus muscle in my back. So usually you'd think it would take a long time for that to heal right?

Well, the last 3-4 weeks my stupid fuckin back wasn't feeling any better so I got fed up and went and lifted with a regular routine.

Deads on fri and rows today and it feels the same as usual, possibly even BETTER. How does that work?

For now, welcome me back into the lifting game baby!


Have you had it examined to make sure the tear has healed? It's possible that you were aching from lack of use -- happens to me all the time. Inactivity brings pain. Working it again flushes it with blood and makes it feel better.

But if that tear's not healed, you could really screw it up. Make it worse than it was.

That's my best guess anyway. Perhaps someone more medically inclined could correct me if I'm off.


I got an MRI on it a couple weeks ago and have an appointment with the doc to check it out on the 17th.


Got the MRI results, looks like I actually popped a disk. So...great, I guess there is no miracle, I'm lucky I didn't hurt it even worse deadlifting yesterday. So I'm out for 3 months he says and if it doesn't get better I have to get surgery, fuckkkkin sweet.

Kill me now.


So I've gotta ask, man... knowing that you had a tear in a muscle in your back, precisely what the fuck did you think you were doing taking on a back workout?

If a tear is sufficient enough to warrant surgery, you can lose upwards of 25% of that muscle's strength after it heals. When you're injured, take the time to heal.