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Back Injury: Lowest Disk Is Gone

Im posting for a friend of mine. Hes been suffering from back problems for the last ten years. He finally went to a doctor and after all the tests it turns out the lowest disk is pretty much gone. The doctor told him to pretty much forget about doing any kind of rigorous activity.

He said theres 3 options physical therapy, and two types of surgery. One is fusion but the doc said you’ll get the same results from physical therapy. The other is they insert a peice of equipment that acts like a disk. The only problem is in about 8 years he has to do it again.

My experience with doctors is a lot of them are more concerned with not being sued than giving the right advice. I was hoping somebody here could give me there thoughts on this and some possible solutions for my friend. Thanks

Advise him to get a variety of professional opinions including one from a good chiro, and exhaust all options before considering surgery.

Also ask about this is in the Tony Gentilcore thread in the authors locker room- him and his partner Eric Cressey are very knowledgable on this sort of thing.

I just sent him a PM thanks a lot.