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Back Injury? Just Hurt?

Ok I don’t have a lot of time but I’ve just been getting back into the gym after about a month off because of stupid shit. (Exams/Army Crap/Sinus Infections) anyway I went to the gym on sun and did deadlifts, nothing extreme i was going for about 4 sets of 5 or six at 205 anyway i felt fine after working out and stuff.

Then on monday after siting in a 2 hr class I could barely stand up. The rest of monday and tues. I couldnt reach down to tie my shoes and it looked like I had baseballs in back about 4 inches below my shoulderblades. Anyway its slowly feeling better and the swelling is down alot but im getting some intense buring in my lower righ back now for somereason. I cant stop all athletic stuff cause I have to do do PT in the mornings.

Anyway I guess the question is I havent gone to see anyone yet I just want to make sure I’m just hurt and not injured? anyway If you have any Ideas on what I did I would appreciate it.

Did you get hit by a bus? I think you know know your own body enough to tell if its actual pain or just soreness. A month shouldnt put you that out of shape.

Were you doing deadlifts with proper form? Were you slouched over for the entire 2 hrs of class? I have no clue man, its hard to judge from that pretty general information.

“I was doing deadlifts and now I cant tie my shoes.”

I would just rest up for a few days and see how you feel.