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Back Injury During Squats

Today, doing my last set of squats (high bar) i went to low too far forward and fell… Power rack doesnt have safety features so as you can imagine… It was painful. This is the first time i have ever done that in all my years of training.

Lower back hurts when standing, walking, laying down moving my legs… Pretty much any movement Including twisting my torso, arching and bending my back.

Doctor is not an option at the moment. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Rest, and see a doctor. Really the best option.

I agree a doctor is a great idea and i am behind you 100% but… I dont have the funds for it right now. Not to mention I am an American and filipino doctors will inflate the price or misdiagnose to get a ton of money. Thats saying they speak english. Ive had quite a few run ins already with the doctors here…

Ice for a day, then heat. Don’t try to do any stretching for now, but don’t lie around too long and get stiff. As soon as you can, start taking walks to keep it loose. In three days or so, you should have an idea how bad it may be.

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