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Back Injury, Advice from Vets?

So on Sunday last week I was on my second day back at the gym after being away on holiday for a few weeks and I was psyched to be back and start making gains.

This was my back day at the gym so I was doing bent over rows. Clearly out of practice with the movement having not lifted for four weeks, I accidentally rounded by back a bit during one of the reps and there was a major pain in my lower back. I then put down the weight and stopped what I was doing. After a few moments the pain subsided a bit (but was still there), so I bashed out the rest of my sets of rows and the rest of the workout that followed.

The next day I woke up barely able to move. The pain was across my whole lower back at this point, but since then it has become localised to just the right hand side of my lower back. The whole injury has been a massive pain in the ass and I really really want to get back in the gym.

How long does this typically take to heal for most of you and is there anything you recommend I should be doing to speed up the process.

TLDR: hurt back doing bent-over rows (rounded back during movement). Have you got any advice on how to recover quickly so I can get back in the gym sooner.

I usually aim for 2 weeks to reduce pain to 0, and 4-6 weeks to rehab to return to gym full time. Don’t flex your back in the next month, ever.