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Back Injuries


Hey fellas (and gals)-- a question:

I've injured my back training for heavy stone lifting, and I'm fairly certain it's from simple overtraining.

I was into my fourth set in a 5X5 of deadlift with a weight I had tackled easily the week before. I know my form is perfect-- I don't fuck around with that, so don't get images of Diesel Weasel dancing in your heads. I learned from a couple of great coaches, have been deadlifting and squatting for eight years, and I'm a T-mag veteran.

I was on my way up in the third rep of my fourth set and just felt pain shoot up my lower back. I had been piling on too much squat, deadlift, and good mornings within a single week, I think.

Lesson learned, but now to my question:
This is my first ever real injury to my lower back in all this time, and I was wondering if any of you have suffered a low-back injury under similar circumstances, and if so, how long it took to heal.

I know nobody could give me a medical opinion that I could hang my hat on, so I'm clear on that, but I'm curious, because it's been four months already and the thing still isn't totally healed, although it's better than the immediate aftermath. I've been training around it as best I can (subbing in dumbell lunges for squats, etc.) but I'd love to hear about any of your experiences so I might have a better idea of what to expect and how to proceed.

Any response would be appreciated.


What are your symptoms?


Hey Rockscar, how are ya?

Basically it began with persistent low-level pain in my very-low back, right above the hips, especially on the right side, with worse pain if I bowed out my back in any fashion. (for example, tying shoes)

Now I'll go days without any pain, and even be bale to bow my back with mild discomfort, but twice I've experienced the shooting pain again after stupid things-- once when rapidly swinging a book down to kill a cockroach, then more recently when I jumped up off the couch during Barber's 95 yard touchdown run against oakland.

After those two incidents, a varying period of the low-level pain would return. It's weird, though. The day before the Barber run, I helped my buddy move all day and only experienced mild soreness (I was very careful not to bow my back or do anything explosive) then the Barber run and bang! that was it. Right now I'm back to no pain at all-- I can bow it right now, but I do get occasional ache. The Barber run was only a couple of weeks ago.


Sounds like an L4 or L5 disc herniation. This type of injury pinches the sciatic nerve which run down each side of you butt and down the back of your legs then into your toes. My L5 rupture was so severe the pain and eventual numbness went all the way into my toes.

By the way RUNNING IS NO GOOD! I find that running will aggrivate sciatica more than any lifting or manual labor. It's the constant jarring of the disc while you run.

Ice it, and try and lay on a HARD FLAT surface at least an hour a day. This relaxes and supports the spine for a while. I also suggest ab exercises and some good stretching daily.

PM me for more details if you like.

Good luck.