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Back in training


I want to post a progress report. Unfortanately my PM doesn't work. However, Tampa-Terry and Sonny, this is for you.

I've been training hard and dieting for about 1 month now. I started at a behemoth 6'2" 320lbs about 30% fat. I haven't weighed myself since because the battle is with fat and not the scale.

I picked up Staley's EDT training and have seen huge results in my strength and size. My shirts are really tight in the chest and arms. What's more important I dropped 3 inches on my gut.

I haven't recorded results this fast ever! I think alot has to do with the Hot-Rox. I mean I've been only eating about 2500 calories a day in usually 5-7 meals depending on the schedule of the day.

I wish now I would have taken a picture of myself at 320 but I was so embarrassed I never want to remember myself at those out of shape levels.

Anyhow, I have a couple of quick questions. Last week I took 5 days off because I felt I was overtraining. I would go to bed at 9 PM and get up at 9 AM. I slept my whole weekends away one day I slept 14 hours straight. Worked out then took an hour nap!

Before this I had insomnia for 5 days. I would just lay on top of my covers and sweat!

Since my time off I have come back and my strength is up.

Are insomnia and excessive sleep signs of overtraining? Thanks,


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Walleye, that's absolutely Magnificent news! ! ! It's incredibly cool that you're seeing results so quickly.

How many days a week are you doing EDT?

And yes, it sounds like overtraining. Good for you, listening to your body.


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In your PM you told me that you're doing EDT 4 days a week. The way EDT was originally designed, you're supposed to do 2 workouts a week, with 2-3 days of rest in between. That's your problem right there re the overtraining. You should be doing something like a Mon/Thur or Wed/Sat.

You might want to get the EDT eBook on Staley's Web Site. A program worth doing is worth doing right. (grin)

My EDT program is going very well, thank you! I'm enjoying the heck out of it, but it's kicking my butt! It's been taking me a few days to recover form each workout.

Keep up the good work, Walleye. Let me know if you have any other questions. And when you get the PM thing turned on, I'll reply to your PM.


Good for you Walleye - Over here at Staley Taining Systems we love to hear success stories - keep up the good work. Please Walleye pm me and I will send you the EDT download for free!!!


GREAT NEWS, Walleye! I'll probably PM you later on this week.


I might have to join you on the EDT program too!


When I did a search on EDT, the article said it was a 4x/week program. Mon,Tues & Thurs, Fri. Is it only twice/week? Great results, by the way, I may try it myself.


Great work and like TT said way to listen to your body on the overtraining thing. It is like anything else quite individual.

Keep up the good work.


Good job Wall! Success stories like yours are what this forum is all about!


You can do EDT in several different variations. The one that I followed and had a client do worked really well.

3 sessions of 15 minutes a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday along with a low carb diet dropped 1% BF each of the 4 weeks she was on it.