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Back in the Swing

I took a couple of months off from lifting because I started a new job and have been busy trying to get everything in order since I had to move. I’ve set my sights on lifting again and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Any recommendations on a program to choose after a couple lay-offs. I mainly just want to get back in the swing of it, maybe a total body type program like TBT or something? After I get back in the swing I"ll start bulking.

Thoughts? Advice?

I recently came back from about 5 months off after a wrist injury. I just spent the first couple of weeks working my way through all of the body parts, starting light and working up a little heavier, but nowhere close to where I was lifting before.

On the third week I started back to my regular routine, only not as heavy. I can tell a lot of difference in my strength and even more in my endurance, but after getting pumped a few times it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost much in size. It sucks, but the only thing you can do is work your way back–it shouldn’t take that long.