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Back in the Swing of Things.

Hello all.

I weight about 180lbs at 20-25% body fat. I would like to get to about 160-170lbs and 8-10% bodyfat and I needed some advice on the best approach.

Some variables:
ï?§ I occassionally run half-marathons and triathlons but donâ??t train consistently. I plan on training more consistently but not to the point that I am super thin

ï?§ The last time I read anything on working out was in the 80â??s when I was in the army back when Weiderâ??s M&F was really big

ï?§ I am considering using USPLabs supplement Jack3d and also supplementing with BCAA before and after workouts and when I wake up.

I know I said a lot but Iâ??m not looking for someone to create a workout for me. Just some basic pointers to get lean. The goal is to lose as much as half the fat in 3 months while gaining maybe 2-5lbs of muscle.

Any pointers? Thanks!