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Back in the Saddle Again

I’m so excited, as I can now lift again after being in an accident in late January, and moving from the Chicago burbs to Arkansas. I joined a great gym at the hospital, which is only 4 blocks away from the house. Surprisingly, for a gym at a medical facility, there are 6 squat racks, a deadlift station, and plenty of incline and decline benches. Who woulda thought that a hospital could be hardcore? I even spotted a doctor benching 315, while touring the gym. Anyways, today is posterior chain “Hell Day”. I plan to torture myself with power cleans, good mornings, box squats, and sumo deads. On another good note, I thought I had an near empty can of Surge, but found it to be sealed! I’m going to do a cutting phase using a “meltdown meets Ian King and Dave Tate” regimen incorporating power movements, while doing a T-dawg diet. I’ll keep everyone posted, if I make it back from the gym. -The Starkdog

Hey another Arkansas Hillbilly! Not something I see on here often. Where abouts in Arkansas are you? I’m hiding underneath a rock right in the middle of the freaking ozark mountains!

Kelly, good to hear from you. I just recently moved to Pine Bluff. It sure is different than the Chicago burbs, but at least there is less hustle and bustle here. I had to limp home from the gym today. I started a brutal training program, and today is “Posterior Chain Hell Day.” I did a combo of meltdown training with some Dave Tate/Ian King tricks. I did Power cleans, good mornings, breathing squats, sumo deads, and some leg presses. I did a warmup set and then incorporated a 5x5 protocol. Wow, It didn’t start to hurt until mid-way through the sumos. To add to this, I then slammed down a surge, and began to walk home. I ended up taking a half hour nap on a park bench. A bus driver woke me up, and wanted to know if I wanted to go to downtown. MORAL of the story: When doing brutal leg training, make sure that you can get home, especially if you use surge. That was the first time in about 4 months that I’ve used Surge, and am waiting for the next one. Later,-The Starkdog