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Back In The Saddle After Long Hiatus

Some of you may have seen my thread in the over 35 forum. Its literally been 18 ears since I’ve competed last, and 17 years since I’ve taken anything. Earlier in the year started a small regimen of 1/2cc T400 and 1/2cc Deca every 10 days and 1/2 a tab of Anavar 5 days a week. Did this for 3 months. After 3 months, I went from every 10 days to every 7 days, Var stayed the same, did this for 3 months as well. Body reacted amazing to this regimen for what it was (pics 6mo apart in my other thread.) Been off for a month now, like to start up again, looking to possibly incorporate other gear as well…Thoughts?

Tren (been reading some bad side effects?)

Over 35 means less willingness to tolerate side effects. To me that says no tren, but lots of primo.

What was the dosage of the Anavar?


Started up again today 1/2cc T400 1/2cc Primo 1/2 Anavar tab.

Would say 1/4cc Tren every 10 days still pose lot of risks, or not even worth it?

Thoughts on this regimen:
1/2cc T400 /10 days
1/2cc Deca /10 days
1/2cc Primo /7 days
1/2 Var tab 5 days a week

FYI you’ve listed volumes not dosage. You’ve clarified anavar and the T400 is pretty well known. What about the deca and primo?

Oh crap, I’ll grab the dosage tonight.

The Primo is 100mg and the Deca is 300. The Tren I have is a 100 as well(still on the fence about the Tren though.)

That’s a really really ineffective dose of primo. I would honestly say just cut it completely and instead let the other stuff do its work. Probably not an optimal dosing schedule, but whatever works for you.

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Understood. I know above you mention “lots of Primo”…whats “lots” exactly? Definitely not looking to step back on stage, more of a maintenance. Some decent size with hardness. Appreciate in advance.

Most anecdotes say 500mg or above is the necessary range. I don’t know personally because I refuse to spend that much money on something that can be reasonably approximated by other existing compounds.