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Back In The Old Days... LOL

I remember quite a few years ago (15 or so maybe…) I was a big fan of T-nation. I really enjoyed the humor of A-Dog or whoever wrote the hilarious male centered posts for the main page and I thought the forums were excellent.

When bodybuilding.com forum started to drop off a bit it seemed the mantle of well researched and articulated positions started to come from T-nation.

I have been away a very long time.

In that time Amino Spiking got uncovered which was quite a shock. So more things to become knowledgeable about in order to be a responsible consumer.

Now I was just watching a thing between Nutrabolics and Jim Stoppani’s products and how each is arguing the other is ripping you off (With the issues of Creamers and Fillers) being brought up.

It also seems that nutrient timing and pre/post workout nutriton and insulin responses is not nearly as stressed as much.

Also I noticed “Leucine” seems to be the talk of the town.

I’d love to have the Professor X’s and Carnages of Today get us old-school newbies back up to snuff for the information and need to know’s of today.

(Professor X and the like were near the end of my check ins with the site and I always enjoyed reading the infos :slight_smile:)