Back in the Gym

I haven’t as much as turned on my computer the last couple months let alone visited this site.

As some of you may remember I lost my dad in February. My lifting and excercise came to a hault. My eating habits were terrible, if I ate at all. I couldn’t find it in me to continue playing baseball this year so I quit the team and dropped out of college (for the time being). Basically life sucked.

Fast forward to a week ago. I got a call from 24 Hour Fitness regarding an application I sent them in January! I had just got home from a snowboarding trip where I spent the last of my tax rebate which made me officially broke… Perfect timing.

I took the job and I couldn’t be happier. I just head off to work a couple hours early every day and haven’t missed a workout yet. I’ve got my diet back on track and I’m feeling great. I’ve lost about 3 pounds which is what I’m aiming for (cutting) cause my BF jumped to probably damn near 15%.

You all have been around to listen in the past. Just thought I’d give an update.


It’s good to hear that everything’s beginning to pick up again. I’m sure you’ll get back into your old routine in no time.

wrote a long piece about life and death but erased it. I think it would have pissed too many people off.

Glad you’re feeling better and got your life back.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Good to see some things starting to happen for you. Stay true to yourself!

I just had to say that it made me feel good to read your post!

Making it through an adverse painful time
surviving it and starting to feel life again, that is cool!

Great to hear that you’re back in action. Your father would be proud.

Good work Man.

A lot of folks would just give up… It’s actually pretty inspirational, keep your chin up.